Melaverde 18 September, Val d’Aosta, Valli Trentine, Lacon sheep

Melaverde 18 September, Val d’Aosta, Valli Trentine, Lacon sheep
Melaverde 18 September, Val d’Aosta, Valli Trentine, Lacon sheep
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All the previews on the program conducted by Ellen Hidding and Vincenzo Venuto on Canale 5.

Green apple is back on the air with the episode of Sunday 18 September. At the helm, as usual, the two conductors on the road who go in search of the agricultural and agro-food excellence of our country. After last week’s trip, here’s where they go today Ellen Hidding And Vincenzo Venuto. All the previews. The appointment is at 11.55 on Canale 5.

Melaverde 18 September. High Altitude Pastures

In this episode of Sunday 18 September, Green apple leads viewers in the Ayas Valley, in Val d’Aosta between the Penniche Alps, the natural border between Italy and Switzerland. With a walk of a couple of hours, going up from the valley, you reach Alpe Metsan first, around 2000 meters, and then, climbing again, Alpe Vascoccia, which reaches up to 3000 meters.

The story told this morning began right among these pastures, a long time ago, when the grandparents of Roberto, the protagonist of this episode, brought their animals up here to graze. Many things have happened since then. But today, Roberto with his daughter Rominahave returned to these spectacular highland meadows with their Valdostane cows and sheep The with, to produce the most famous cheese of the local tradition, Fontina DOP. But also the ancient Brossa, and other cheeses that did not exist here before, such as Gran Gessi d’Ayas and Blu di pecora. And even a sheep’s milk butter.

Through the millennia, the mountain pastures have always kept their function. The man started climbing the mountain pastures with his animals, more or less 6000 Years ago. He understood that in summer the best, fresher and richer herbs had to be sought high up, where the melted winter snow irrigated and nourished the high-altitude meadows.

Millennia later, in the Middle Ages, man found a method of directing the water that melted from the glaciers to irrigate the pastures and built a series of Rus, i.e. channels. This is a story that links centuries of history.

Great Flavors in the Trentino Valleys

In today’s episode, Sunday 18 September, Melaverde travels between two Trentino valleysthe Valle del Chiese and the Val Rendena, where the cultivation of strawberries has become one of the spearheads of local agriculture.

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Have you ever wondered why we find strawberries on the market almost all year round? One of the reasons is undoubtedly linked to the fact that they are grown all over the world and therefore, when it is winter with us, it is easy to import them from other countries. But another very important reason that serves to extend their production period, thus also guaranteeing the Italian origin of the product we buy, is the hydroponic systemwhere the plants are not buried but are grown soilless.

This, together with the use of greenhouses, it allows not only to extend production times but also to grow strawberries in places where otherwise, for reasons of climate and not only, this would not be possible.

In this episode of Sunday 18 September, therefore, Green apple it speaks of strawberries, but also of all those other products that we call “small fruits”: blueberries, blackberries, currants, raspberries, these instead grown with the traditional system on the ground.

Colors and flavors reminiscent of summer, but also extraordinary ingredients of many desserts that we will see made by the expert hands of a pastry chef.

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