Amadeus challenges “Tu si que vales”: TV on September 17th

Amadeus challenges “Tu si que vales”: TV on September 17th
Amadeus challenges “Tu si que vales”: TV on September 17th
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For the first evening on TV, Saturday 17 September, on RaiUno at 9:25 pm “Arena Suzuki ’60 ’70 ’80 and … ’90”, led by Amadeus. From the Arena di Verona, three shows dedicated to the music of the 60s, 70s, 80s and… 90s. The happiest and most iconic decades of Italian music and great international successes will be celebrated.

Space for news and politics on RaiDue at 9 pm with “Speciale TG2 Post – Information column of Tg2.

On RaiTre at 21.20 the appointment is with the investigation program “Guess who’s coming to dinner”, conducted by Sabrina Giannini. Tonight’s reportage is entitled “An octopus in the heart”: the show continues its journey into sustainability. In particular, this episode will show the extraordinary examples of those who dedicate their lives to animals such as hedgehogs, octopuses, frogs, which are environmental indicators of fundamental importance for the respect of biodiversity, for whose protection Italy does not has ever made a real, effective policy. Indeed, sometimes the interests of particular categories have prevailed over the collective good, the protection of fauna, the environment, public health. Poaching, poaching, intensive agriculture that takes away more and more space for fauna are just a few examples reported in this survey, which takes its cue from scientific evidence: the only way to avoid catastrophic events such as those we have witnessed in these months (the collapse of the Marmolada glacier, the drought of the river Po) is precisely the protection of biodiversity. As mentioned several times and insistently this year by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

On Canale5 at 9.30 pm the new edition of “Tu si que vales” will start. On the jury Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammuccari, Sabrina Ferilli at the head of the popular jury and the cohesive trio composed of Belen Rodriguez, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni at the conduction flanked by the young mascot Giulia Stabile, a dancer who also this season is part of the professional dance troupe of the talent Amici.

For those who prefer to see a movie, on Rete4 at 21.20 there is “Inside man”; on Italia1 at 21.25 “Pan – Journey to the Neverland”; on La7 at 9.15 pm “The young Hiltler”; on Rai4 at 21.20 “A prayer before dawn”; on Iris at 8.40pm “Intrigo Internazionale”; on Mediaset Extra at 21.05 “A marshal in a gondola” and on Italia2 at 21.10 “The night flier – The night flyer”.

“Father and son” will be staged on Rai5 at 9.15 pm. Inspired by Michele Serra’s “Gli lying”, Father and Son sees Claudio Bisio engaged in a monologue that, with tones that oscillate between the tragic and the comic, shamelessly x-rays the father-son relationship.

Finally, the “Ghost wisperer” series on La7D at 9.30 pm and the repetition of “Quarto grade” on La5 at 9.05 pm.

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These are the programs scheduled for tonight except for last-minute changes made by the television networks.

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