The new TV programs for Autumn Winter 2022

The new TV programs for Autumn Winter 2022
The new TV programs for Autumn Winter 2022
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We certainly won’t be bored. Autumn 2022 promises to be quite eventful: Alessia Marcuzzi And Ilaria d’Amico they come back on tv, Nicola Savino switch to Tv8, Stefano De Martino becomes one and three in Rai (then we get there, don’t worry). There is no shortage of ideas too: we go back to experimenting, even in the world of talk shows. In particular, the comic offer promises great surprises: to the confirmed Zeligthe brace of Pio and Amedeothe Christmas special by Lol and several new formats, such as Try try know know And Italy 1 on stage. Then, of course: there is always the “tax” of reality shows to pay, between the Islands and Big Brothers vip, but it seems that it will return The mole which, of its kind, is not bad at all. Here is all the best of the best that awaits us from September until the end of the year.

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Boomerissima, in November on Rai Due

The title is fairly chilling. Guys would brand it a cringe. But we must look at the substance or that Alessia Marcuzzi back on TV and this already makes us happy. It will do it on Rai Due, in November, with a program that aims to compare past and present, young people and, precisely, boomers. The mechanism is easy to say: each episode will recall objects, musical hits, films and TV programs that made the history of the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s to compare them with those of today. Each era will also be represented by a celebrity who will work to uphold the name of the good old days. Was it better before? Or many greetings to the past? Marcuzzi will tell us in November …

Emigratis and Felicissima sera, in autumn on Canale 5

We know it: Pio and Amedeo they argue. Every time they appear on TV, the audience invariably splits in two, between amused and infuriated. The fact is that their jokes do not look anyone in the face: a Happy evening they’ve even taken their mothers for a ride, do you … But their shows work. Not only. The duo even has the blessing of Maria (De Filippi): it was she who launched them, as a comic counterpoint to Friends. Ergo, Mediaset not only confirmed them but even doubled their presence on TV: they will return in the autumn, on Canale 5, both with Emigratis with either Happy evening. There will be laughter and … to discuss.

Eppc on Rai Due, in September on Rai Due

Enough experimentation: this time Alessandro Cattelan he decided to play it safe. The former face of Sky took his biggest hit, namely And then there is Cattelan, and transferred it, en bloc, to Rai Due. Honestly? He did the right thing. Late shows have always been her kind of choice and there’s no harm in cultivating your own inclination. Indeed, Cattelan should have done it right away, instead he got stuck with too abstruse shows (A simple question) or definitely premature (the one man show Da Grande). The choice to take, let’s say, a step back does him honor only because if there is one thing we should all learn is to treasure past mistakes. So whatever happens, he has already won for us.

Try try, you know, on Amazon Prime Video

To the eye it looks like a cross between Lol And Good first! (do you remember? It was Ale and Franz’s improvisation program). Indeed, 99% will be like this but it doesn’t matter because the result can only be hilarious. In Try, try, know, know Frank Matano moderates a challenge between comedians, engaged in improvising gags and jokes on the basis of inputs provided on the spot by the audience or by the host. The matadors chosen are four: two come directly from Lol, and they are Maccio Capatonda And Maria Di Basewhile the others are Aurora by The Jackal ed Edoardo Ferrario. Make yourself comfortable, it will be fun.

A new program with Caterina Balivo on La7

Sorry, but we can’t be more precise than that at the moment. La7 it limited itself to announcing “a new game show with Caterina Balivo”. End. So the only official news is that, after a summer between Help And Who wants to marry my mom?, ours lands on a permanent basis on the Urbano Cairo network, in the early evening slot. However, there was no lack of rumors: according to rumors, Balivo will conduct an adaptation of the format Lingohistorical quiz based on words.

Italia Uno on stage, in the autumn on Italia 1

If you love comedy, keep an eye on this title: on Wednesday, on Italia 1, it arrives Italy One on stage. The Mediaset channel will re-propose the comedians’ theatrical shows Max Angioni, star of Lol and comic counterpoint of Le Iene (photo); Giuseppe Giacobazzi, Maurizio Battista And Andrea Pucci. Four episodes, one for each of these laughter showmen.

What’s new, in October on Rai Due


What’s new? There is that it comes back Ilaria d’Amico on TV and does so on Rai Due, in October, with an in-depth program that promises zero fights. So not a talk but a “talent show of ideas”, as they defined it in Rai. There will even be a voting jury. At the center of each episode, the fact of the day analyzed from a (decidedly) new perspective.

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I’m not a lady, in November on Rai Due

Rai also wants his Drag Race Italy. So, in November, it comes up Rai Due the unpublished I’m not a lady or the first public service vip talent for aspiring drag queens. In each episode, some well-known faces of the entertainment world will try their hand at drag art, learning to put on make-up, dress up and perform. The challenge is twofold: on the one hand it will be necessary to guess the names of the VIPs (the make-up of the drag is not exactly soft, so they will be unrecognizable) on the other hand a jury will vote for the best performance. The conduction was called Alba Parietti which thus returns to TV conduction after 15 years.

Press conference, on Rai Play

The artistic “divorce” with Emanuela Fanelli it’s not that he convinces us: now, for us, she and Valerio Lundini they were the de facto couple of Italian comedy. However, so far Lundini has never disappointed us so we will still follow him with interest in this new adventure: the unpublished Press conference, with interviews in pure Lundini style with the current star. In the autumn on Rai Play.

Sing, sing, sing, from September on Rai Due

Stefano De Martino has become the new Unto of Viale Mazzini. The leaders are betting everything on him if it is true that he will lead three programs: the confirmed ones Stella Bar (in November), Anything can happen tonight (in 2023) and the unpublished Sing, sing sing, inspired by the American little man format and on air from 26 September. At the center, music, games and performances.

Lol Xmas Special, in December on Amazon Prime Video

Take it as a kind of “booster” dose of Lol. In December comes on Amazon Prime Video Lol Xmas Special: a dry (but pretty long) episode that brings together the best competitors of the famous comedy show. So, yes: there will be Lillobut also Mago Forest, Michela Giraud, Pintus, Frank Matano, Maria di Biase, and, for the first time in the role of the competitor, Mara Maionchi. For the third edition of Lol instead we will have to wait until 2023, as well as to see the new TV series by and with Lillo.

Go Gianni Go, on December 19th on Rai Uno

You won’t want to miss the celebrations for 60 years of the career of Gianni Morandi, real? The appointment is for December 19 on Rai Uno, with a specialone that traces the successes, songs and strokes of genius of the famous singer. The event will be held in his Bologna together with a squad of super guest stars / friends. In fact, Gianni has worked with everyone from Celentano to Minapassing through Jovanotti, Fabio Rovazzi

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