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Bake Off Italia 2022: collapsed brownies, raw cakes, out of the Sardinian competitor in the third episode

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Three American cakes do not save the Sardinian competitor: here is who leaves Bake Off Italia 2022 in the third episode

Pies and pastries continue to rise under the awning of Bake Off Italy 2022: the Real Time talent show now in its tenth edition. In the third episode aired tonight 16 September 2022, the amateur pastry chefs who remained in the competition had to try their hand at three tests all inspired by the world of pastry made in the USA. The host of these three challenges was obviously Damiano Carrata who, from the height of his experience, was also the protagonist of the dreaded technical test.

But before jumping into the technical test, the competitors immediately started heating the ovens with the creative proof: the making of a Brooklyn Cheesecake. Not a simple cheesecake but a dessert that also includes a fruit jelly inside. Despite the freedom given to competitors to be able to redo the dessert to their liking, the test was not at all easy …

Bake Off Italia 2022: the third episode, summarized

We then moved on to the feared one technical test: creating a classic American apple pie, “Like the one that Grandma Duck puts on the windowsill to cool” the cast of the show reminded us several times. The task was made even more difficult by the diabolical Damiano Carrara as they were well requested three accompanying creams: one with an alcoholic base, a mouselline with pecans and a more velvety one with custard. Despite the general disaster, the winners are the first three places in the ranking announced by the judges after the tastings: Mukesh in third place, Davide in second and Paola in first place.


The episode ended with a third dizzying surprise test: make a 50cm tower of brownie. Low, collapsed, deformed, melted towers: the general disaster has revealed only two towers close to the desired height: that of Stefano (51 centimeters) and that of Davide (49 centimeters). Even the amused Gianbattista gets along with a 43 cm tower built like a real brick tower.

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Bake Off Italia 2022: the third episode, eliminated and blue apron

Before the final greetings, the time has come for the good and bad news. To conquer the blue apron for the second consecutive week it is the amateur pastry chef Davide. At risk of elimination, however, we find once again Stefania and Gaia to whom Maria is added this time. Competition to be eliminated is the Sardinian Stefania, much to the chagrin of her fellow adventurers.

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