sensational gaffe on Rai 1 – Libero Quotidiano

sensational gaffe on Rai 1 – Libero Quotidiano
sensational gaffe on Rai 1 – Libero Quotidiano
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Francesco Fredella

September 16, 2022

Nothing seems to have happened, as if time had stopped: a Chain reactionthe game show of Rai 1, Carlo is still a Prince. Yet after the death of the Queen Elizabethlast week, he became King.

But the recording of the episode took place before 8 September, the date on which Elizabeth II died, the day when Charles became King. What happened? During the game Quarter past threereigning champions, face the game of zot: in this way can steal 5 seconds of the Winning Entente to their opponents, Copy and Paste them. But it is necessary to guess what lies between Prince and Cardiff. The term is Wales. “Prince of Wales is a title, I don’t remember who is from the royal family. (…) And Cardiff is in Wales“, He explains on the air. And Liorni says: “Charles of England”. Again this is an involuntary gaffe.

An error that could not be calculated. That’s the beauty of deferred. After the death of Elizabeth II, Charles ascends the throne and his son William, who will one day be king, is currently Prince of Wales. Just what Carlo did for 53 years.

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Meanwhile, the queues continue to pay homage to the queen. Nearly 500 heads of state: from US President Joe Biden with First Lady Jill – who were greeted by Elizabeth on the sidelines of the G7 in Cornwall a year ago – to Japan’s Emperor Naruhito. There will also be King Philip of Belgium and the Royals of Holland, And King Felipe VI of Spain with Letizia but also the former Queen Sofia with the former King Juan Carlos. Then Albert of Monaco and Charlène. Ursula Von der Leyen (EU Commission), Charles Michel (European Council), French President Emmanuel Macron, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil) and Isaac Herzog (Israel) should arrive in London. In addition to Erdogan (Turkey), de Sousa (Portugal).

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