First appointment 13 September: previews, couples, choices

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Flavio Montrucchio welcomes eight new singles in search of love to the restaurant.

Tuesday 13 September, from 21:25 on Real Timea new episode of First date. To lead Flavio Montrucchio, which welcomes eight new singles looking for love. Between them Giovanna And Mariatwo 26-year-old friends they meet Federico And Alexander, both 33 years old. The 77-year-old Antoninain addition, dinner with the pensioner Alfonso, aged 73. Finally there is the meeting between Maria And Carmine, both 41 years old. The next episode is visible, in streaming, from the website of Discovery +.

First appointment 13 September, the episode begins

The episode of First date of 13 September. After a short preview, the first two singles enter the restaurant: Giovanna And Maria (for friends Conni). The two met on Instagram a year ago and have become close friends since the time. Both define themselves unlucky in love and claim to have tastes “very different” in love.

It is time to know Alfonso, other single of First date of 13 September. Born in Puglia, the participant lives in Lecco and is a retired stationmaster. In the past he had two wives and he “broken so many hearts“. The 77-year-old arrives for him Antonina, born in Cagliari but resident in Pomezia. She hasn’t been in a relationship for seven years, she loves tennis and dancing.

Meanwhile, friends Giovanna and Conni are joined by Federico, 33 year old from Senigallia who works as a broker in the automotive sector. He is very sure of himself: “I have hardly been rejected and I often get contested“. He also joins the group Alexander, 33 years old from Milan who deals with international trade. You are looking for a person “dynamic and enterprising“. Giovanna has an appointment with Federicowhile Alexander dinner with Conni.

The dinners

The episode of First date of 13 September continues. Dinner begins Antonina and Alfonso and between the two there seems to be a good feeling. The single goes to the bathroom and calls her daughter to tell her how she is going. Antonina, back at the table, tells herself: “My husband only thought about work. So I ended 21 years ago and have never regretted it. Now I live alone, I’m fine. In a partner I look for serenity and complicity“.

In the restaurant he arrives Maria, 41 year old from Rome who works as a cashier. She has a passion for the gym and defines herself as insecure: “Reason why I resorted to cosmetic surgery“. She has been single for two years, that is since the affair with the father of her children ended. Meet Carmine41 year old from Genzano di Roma who loves the gym and cooking: “The first thing I look at in a partner is the eyes and then the body“. Both already have children and are divorced.

TO First date dinners between Federico and Giovanna and Alessandro and Conni start on 13 September. Couples deepen their knowledge. Maria and Carmine also begin their date, and between the two, at least initially, silence and embarrassment dominate. Once the ice is broken, however, they discover they have many points in common.


First appointment 13 September Carmine

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First appointment 13 September, Antonina and Alfonso end their appointment

First date of 13 September continues. Antonina And Alfonso they finish their dinner, but the spark did not go off between the two: “We can still have a nice friendship“She says before leaving the restaurant. Meanwhile, Conni and Giovanna confront each other in the bathroom and choose to exchange tables: for this reason, the first sits with Federico and the second with Alessandro. Federico does not appreciate, he says he wants to leave and confides in Conni that he does not appreciate the physique of the friend with whom he is having dinner.

First date of 13 September continues. Giovanna, sitting at the table with Federico, admits to analyzing situations a lot and not giving much weight to people’s judgments. Meanwhile, Conni goes back to the bathroom and calls Giovanna to him. The two friends confide and she learns what Federico said. The tension is palpable. Advertising.

Antonina Alfonso

The final choices

First date of 13 September continues. Between Maria And Carmine there is an excellent feeling and the two are already talking about their hypothetical future together. The two, at the end of dinner, admit they like each other and leave the restaurant together for a “romantic walk in Rome“.

Giovanna, meanwhile, states that Federico is not her type. The single does not accept it: “I do not accept being told that I am not a handsome boy. I think this is objective“. The appointment went disastrously and the two, before leaving the restaurant, almost reached the quarrel. Giovanna defines the single “a superficial person, who stops only at the physical aspect”And hopes never to see him again, at least from the point of view of a possible boyfriend. They obviously don’t go out together. Alessandro and Conni finish dinner and are satisfied with the evening spent together. However, the two open up to a beautiful friendship, excluding a relationship for the moment.

At the end of the episode, it turns out that between Maria And Carmine did not start a relationship and he eventually found another partner. Alfonso And Antoninainstead, they continue to talk and agree to arrange a second date. Giovanna And Federico they have never seen or heard from each other anymore: the former is happily engaged to another, while the latter has an acquaintance but declares herself single. Alex And ConniThey regularly feel like friends and are still single. Giovanna And Connifinally, they quarreled and, for the moment, they no longer speak. Ends First date of 13 September.

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