Marina and Roberto in the sights of an assassin!

Marina and Roberto in the sights of an assassin!
Marina and Roberto in the sights of an assassin!
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Let’s find out the Previews of the Episodes of Un Posto al Sole aired from 19 to 23 September 2022. Here is the Summary of what will happen in the Episodes of the week.

Let’s find out together the Advances of the Plots of the Bet of the Neapolitan soap A Place in the Sunon air from 19 to 23 September 2022 on Rai 3in the new time of 20:50. here is the Summary from what will happen this week:

Episode aired on Monday 19 September 2022

Moments of apprehension for the fate of Roberto and Marina: who, and why, is so angry with the two of them? The day of San Gennaro will be the pretext for interacting Michele And Fabianaunder the pleased gaze of Guido. Mariella will try to console Sasaconvinced that Sarti has never loved itbut someone could misunderstand that friendly closeness.

Episode broadcast on Tuesday 20 September 2022

While the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini show solidarity and concern for what happened, the police investigate to find out if there is anyone who can hate Giordano and Ferri so much that wanting them dead. Faced with the possibility of returning to work in the school of White as an annual alternate, Viola falters. After the embarrassing incident with Castrese, Mariella makes a decision for help his friend Cerry.

The episode of Wednesday 21 September 2022

Although the return to school has gratified her, giving her new energy and motivation, Viola struggling to leave behind the trauma of the attack suffered, which led to the Susanna’s death.

Episode aired on Thursday 22 September 2022

Because of the investigations conducted by the police about what happened to Roberto And Marina, Raffaele will live a moment of great interior conflict. Meanwhile, just when Niko will decide to to face Micaela more peacefully on the matter Jimmythe woman will do something that will cause the lawyer to turn around on her choice.

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Episode broadcast on Friday 23 September 2022

While Ornella invites Eugene at dinner to try to bring him and Viola closer together, Niko he lets himself be guided by anger in the lawsuit against Micaelaunaware of how much the tensions between them are stirring Jimmy. Meanwhile, Michele and Fabiana are getting closer and closerbut unfortunately the girl will have to leave Naples soon.

A Place in the Sun airs every day from Monday to Friday on Rai 3 at 20.45.

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