the sensational flop of Caterina Balivo on La7

the sensational flop of Caterina Balivo on La7
the sensational flop of Caterina Balivo on La7
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A difficult start for Lingo, the new La7 game show, which in the first two episodes did not exceed 1% share: the problem is the unoriginal format

Posted on: 14 September 2022 10:22


Source: La7

Monday 12th September Caterina Balivo officially debuted on La7 with Lingo – Words at stake. For the presenter it is the first time at the helm of a game show, which lands on the network of Urbano Cairo taking the place of the classic TV series broadcast in the early evening and challenging two giants such as Chain reaction And Free fall. Of course, no one expected the new quiz to outperform the competition. But the audience figures for the first two days of airing were merciless.

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Lingo: you listen low for an unoriginal quiz

During the first episode, in fact, Lingo has just scored the1.1% share, falling further on the evening of Tuesday 13 September, when the program reached a maximum of 0.9%, with an average of just over 100 thousand spectators. A real flop for Caterina Balivo, who also proved to live up to expectations, managing her debut in the world of quizzes without any particular problems. Instead, it seems that the underlying problem is precisely the format: a slow and decidedly static game show, with rather repetitive games. In the different heats, the competitors always have the same goal, which is to compose words by guessing the missing letters. A quiz that seems to catapult us back in time, which plays with the Italian language in a way not very original. Especially when compared with Chain reactionthanks to which Marco Liorni it has now established itself as the undisputed king of early evening (on 13 September it had a 28.5% share, against 17% of Caduta Libera).

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Difficult start even for BellaMa ‘

In short, not the debut that Caterina Balivo expected for her first experience at La7. All that remains is to see if, as the weeks go by, the public’s interest in Lingo it will grow or if, on the contrary, the program is destined to end up in oblivion soon. The same can be said of BellaMa ‘the new program of Pierluigi Diacowhich debuted in the afternoon of Rai 2 on September 12. Despite the high expectations and the huge effort of the network to advertise its new product, BellaMa ‘ he scored a little satisfactory 4.36% in the first episode, dropping to 3% in the second appointment of the week. Also in this case there is something wrong: the basic idea, the generational clash between the Gen Z and boomer, it’s great. But the way the program is structured can definitely be improved.

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