all the curiosities about the talent show, episodes, competitors

all the curiosities about the talent show, episodes, competitors
all the curiosities about the talent show, episodes, competitors
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On Wednesday 14 September 2022, in prime time, the talent show hosted by Tommaso Zorzi, Tailor Made-Who has what it takes. The preview aired in the summer on Discovery Plus, but now it will finally be possible to follow the program directly on television.

Tailor Made – Who has what it takes: the new Real Time format

Tailor Made – Who has what it takes is none other than the all-Italian version of Blu Yazmine, broadcast by the BBC: it is a program focused on tailoring, which includes the presence of competitors and will be conducted by the influencer Tommaso Zorzthe. The conductor will be joined by Elide Merelli and from Cristina TarditoValentino’s seamstress from 1967 to 2021: the latter founded Kristina Tiwas and still is the creative director for important fashion houses.

The broadcast will see 10 competitors compete, will be broadcast in Italy for the first time and will be divided into six episodes and three challenges:

  • the first challenge will be technical and will require making clothes on model paper;
  • the second challenge will be based on transformation: competitors will have to work on old garments by creating new ones;
  • the third challenge will consist in creating a tailored suit.

There will be only one winner for each challenge who, in subsequent tests, will have an advantage over the others; in the last one it will be decided who will be eliminated and will have to go home.

Who are the competitors of Tailor Made-Who has what it takes

The first competitor is Alessandra, 61 years old from Bologna, with a past in knitwear: she left her job but not her passion, which pushes her to aspire to hold courses for women in difficulty.
Cira, 43, from Naples, is a mother and dreams of opening a boutique of formal dresses, while 35-year-old Daniele, from Rome, has the same passion as his grandmother, a former seamstress and would like to open an atelier.

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The 28-year-old Elisa dreams of becoming a seamstress and works in luxury fashion shops; the 29-year-old from Brindisi, Gianluca, who moved to Turin, on the other hand, aspires to open his own fashion house.
Giovanni is 46 years old and he is Sicilian, he is an artist who plans to open his own shop in which to sell unique pieces, while the 18-year-old Iris studies and dreams of being a fashion designer.
Lia is 28 years old, she is Vietnamese and would like to become a costume designer for television productions, while the Indian Nagu, 24, has in mind to create innovative clothes that will revolutionize men’s fashion.
Finally, 21-year-old Tommaso plans to become a no-gender-oriented fashion designer.

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