Sermin destroyed by pain! Veli is dead …

Sermin destroyed by pain! Veli is dead …
Sermin destroyed by pain! Veli is dead …
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The Advances of the episode of Terra Amara broadcast on Wednesday 15 September 2022 on Canale 5 reveal that Sermin, desperate for the death of Veli, spills the bag. Gaffur, on the other hand, is forced to make a risky move …

Thanks to advances of the Turkish soap opera of Canale 5, Bitter landwe discover that, in the bet aired on September 15, 2022at 16.30, Hunkar announces the death of Veli. Zuleyha is shockedbut never how much Sermin. The latter can not help but admit that she loved him, and that she was scammed. Meanwhile, Gaffurcornered by Saniye, threatens the lady to be welcomed back to the estate …

Terra Amara Anticipations: Yilmaz must accept defeat …

In the end, Demir managed to win again against Yilmaz. Not only was man able to tear him away forever Zuleyha, but, now, the position of President of the Chamber of Industry has blown from under his nose. Indeed, the Yaman was elected, even if only thanks to a single vote of difference. The former mechanic is still struggling to accept it, but he has no other choice.

Veli is dead and Sermin is saddened, in the Advances of September 15, 2022 of Terra Amara

Hunkar has some shocking news for his daughter-in-law: Veli is dead. There Altun she is in shock at the passing of her stepbrother, even though it is the person who caused her so much suffering. If the girl is upset, Sermin is literally devastated in learning of the premature death of Veils. The blonde, to justify her state of mind, nshe can’t help but confess that she was in love with the deceased young man. Veilson the other hand, he never reciprocated the feelings of Serminrather: he used the influence he knew he had over her to scam her

Terra Bitter Advances: Gaffur threatens Hunkar out of desperation!

Gaffur was fired by his bossAnd with him also Saniye. Demir could not leave unpunished his attempt to kill theAkkaya, that he had not been the one to order him. At first, Gaffur and his wife were enjoying their newfound freedom, with the nice nest egg at their disposal; now, however, a fool robbed them. Having been left without work and without money, Saniye threatens her husband: if he can’t find a way to get them summed up, he’ll leave him. Gaffurdesperate, comes to blackmail Hunkar to force her to return them to the estate


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Bitter land airs on Channel 5 from Monday to Friday at 4.30pm.

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