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TV guide today Wednesday 14 September 2022

TV guide today Wednesday 14 September 2022
TV guide today Wednesday 14 September 2022
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The week of the TV guide day by day on the channels Rai, Mediaset, la7, Tv8, Nove and Warner Bros Discovery.

Rai TV guide tonight 14 September 2022

  • On Rai 1 at 21:25, TV series: Inspector Montalbano – (The Snack Thief) The quiet town of Vigàta is shaken by two acts of blood. The death of a Tunisian sailor and the corpse of a businessman stabbed in an elevator trigger Inspector Montalbano, ready to investigate.
  • On Rai 2 at 21:20, Politics: Rai Parliament – Press conferences by Rai Parliament
  • On Rai 3 at 21:25, News: Who has seen? – We talk about the case Angela Celentano, live also the mother of Carlo La Duca, all the updates on the death of Liliana Resinovich. And, as always, the appeals, requests for help and reports of people in difficulty.
  • On Rai 4 at 21:20, Movie: Jukai – The forest of suicides
  • On Rai 5 at 9:15 pm, Doc: Being MAXXI (season 1 Episode 1)
  • On Rai Movie at 21:10, Movie: Flight mode
  • On Rai Premium at 21:20, TV series: The Doctor of the Island (season 3 Ep. 2)
  • On Rai Gulp at 21:05, TV series: Mako Mermaids (Season 2 Ep. 1-2); at 21:55, TV series: Hoodie (Season 1 Ep. 2)
  • On Rai Yoyo at 21:00: Masha’s songs; at 21:10: Shaun the sheep; at 21:30: Mini puppies to school.
  • On Rai History at 21:10, Culture: Italians – Gabriella Ferri At 22: 1o, Culture: 14-18 Great War 100 years later
  • On Rai School at 21:05, Disclosure: The wonders of artificial intelligence
  • On Rai Sport + at 9:30 pm, Rhythmic Gymnastics: World Cup – Circle and Ball Finals

Mediaset TV guide tonight 14 September 2022

  • On Channel 5 at 21:30, Film: Rangers-Naples – Live from Glasgow’s Ibrox Stadium, Spalletti’s Napoli challenge the Scots led by Giovanni van Bronkhorst.
  • On Italy 1 at 21:20, Movie: Fifty Shades Black – Sequel to the very successful “Fifty Shades of Gray”, with D. Johnson. In order not to lose Anastasia, Christian will have to review the terms of their contract
  • On Network 4 at 21:30, News: Upstream early evening – Videonews journalistic study program conducted by Veronica Gentili.
  • On 20 at 9.15 pm, Film: Wrath of the Titans
  • On Iris at 21:10, Movie: The Departed – Good and Evil
  • On TwentySeven at 21:10, Movie: Very pregnant
  • On The 5 at 21:10, Movie: Allied: A hidden shadow
  • On Cine 34 at 21:05, Movies: Taste of you
  • On Focus at 9:15 pm, Doc: The great diction of animals
  • On Top Crime from 21:10, TV series: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • On Italy 2 at 21:15, Movie: Lupine III: The blood seal, the siren of eternity
  • On Mediaset Extra at 9.15pm, Game Show: Eurogames
  • On Boing at 9.15pm: Capitain Tsubasa
  • On Cartoonito at 20:50 Simone

La7 TV guide tonight 14 September 2022

  • On La7 at 9.15pm, Disclosure: A special day – The march on Rome: 24 October 1922
  • On La7d at 21:20, Movie: Spanglish – When there are too many in the family to talk

Tv8 tv guide tonight 14 September 2022

  • On Tv8 at 9:30 pm, Talent Show: X Factor – The best of auditions

TV guide Nove, Real Time 14 September 2022

  • On Nine at 21:35, Movie: Six days, seven nights
  • On Real Time at 21:20, Tailor Made: Who has what it takes: Selected from thousands of aspiring tailors of all ages and backgrounds, the competitors are ready to compete on three different tests. They will be judged by Elide Morelli and Cristina Tardito.

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