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Giletti’s debut on 11 September

Giletti’s debut on 11 September
Giletti’s debut on 11 September
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On Sunday 11 September Massimo Giletti is back on the air with the new edition of his program, which in the past season raised many doubts

Published on: 11 September 2022 07:30


Source: La7

The debut on La7 of the new season of It is not the Arena, which at the end of the last edition has undoubtedly conquered the scepter of the most discussed program on TV. Merit (or fault) of the tenant Massimo Giletti and some of his choices that have aroused not a few controversies from the public, but also from many colleagues. And now the journalist is ready to turn on the lights in his studio and return, despite the discussions, to do what his program was born for: inform viewers on the hottest issues of the moment.

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The controversy over It is not the Arena

It is not the Arena it fell in the eye of the storm in particular following the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine. In particular, Massimo Giletti has been extensively criticizedboth from the public and from the other journalists, for having conducted an episode of his broadcast directly from Moscow Red Squarea symbolic place of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: a gesture that has been interpreted by many as a clear-cut stance by the conductor, accused of having pro-Russian and pro-Russian ideas. Especially after his interview with Maria Zakharovaspokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, very loyal to Vladimir Putin. A figure of no small importance for the Russian government, which recently attacked Italy and its plan to make itself as independent as possible from Russian gas: “The Italians will suffer”, he declared in what sounds like a threat to our country.

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Several journalists and experts intervened on the subject, who distanced themselves from Giletti’s ideologies. In particular Alessandro Sallustidirector of Libero, who has repeatedly clashed directly with the conductor in the studio of It is not the Arena. Despite the numerous criticisms and discussions, however, Massimo Giletti has no intention of backing down, and on 11 September it returns (unexpectedly, according to many) on the air with the new edition of his program.

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