all guests and previews

all guests and previews
all guests and previews
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On 11 September, the 47th edition of the Sunday program of Rai 1 starts, conducted for the 14th time by aunt Mara, who beats the record of Pippo Baudo

Published on: 11 September 2022 06:30


Source: Rai Press Office

Sunday 11 September 2022 is an important date for both Sunday In than for its presenter Mara Venier. The historic Rai 1 program, broadcast since 1976, will reach an incredible 47 editions, confirming itself as the longest-running Sunday event in Italian history. Mara Venier will instead be at the helm of the broadcast for the 14th time, beating the record of performances by Pippo Baudo, reached last year at 13.

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Zia Mara is therefore ready to inaugurate a new edition of Sunday In, which as always promises to be full of guests and news. Let’s find out all the previews of the first episode on Sunday 11 September, broadcast in the usual appointment of 14:00 on Rai 1.

Sunday In: previews and guests

Sunday In and Mara Venier, now inseparable, will start again from where they left off, that is from a parterre full of guests and contents that could lead to the confirmation of the incredible ratings of the last season.

The 47th will open with Loretta Goggi; in an interview, as always, with the intimate and “home” atmosphere of Aunt Mara, the singer of “Cursed Spring” will also tell and talk about her about her next adventure as a judge at Such and what show. There is also talk of a variety all of him for 2023 in Rai.

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Guest of the first episode of Sunday In also Alberto Matanoreturned to the guide de Live Life last September 5th (with boom of plays) and with a lot to tell about his intense summer. In fact, in June he got married with his partner Riccardo Mannino, and Mara Venier himself celebrated the ceremony.

During the episode I will also be presented – as anticipated by Blogo – the new abbreviation of the program, composed and sung by Andrea Sannino with Franco Ricciardi and Mara Venier herself.

How spoiled by the host, Sunday In will also take care of the case of Alessandra Matteuzzikilled with a hammer by his own stalker Giovanni Padovani last August 23. In the studio there will be his sister Stefania.

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