Channel 5 suddenly cancels one of the most loved programs, fans speechless

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Channel 5 suddenly cancels one of the most loved programs, fans speechless. Nobody liked the decision but there is a reason

When September arrives, the moment of change arrives for all televisions. Via the reruns, which go in mothballs until the following year, and also the programs launched for the summer. It will be the same for Channel 5 who, however, has made a decision that the public does not like.

Canale 5 suddenly cancels one of the most popular programs (ANSA)

If until a few years ago in the afternoon of Mediaset Spanish soap dominated, starting with The secretwith the discovery of Can Yaman it was the Turks who took over. And so it has also been in the last three months. Alongside Beautiful that can never miss and Una Vita, the Spanish soap Another Tomorrow and the Turkish one debuted Bitter earth.

The numbers say that both have been appreciated by the public, but if we have to choose (as the viewers did at home), Terra amara won the ballot. Precisely for this reason the decision of Canale 5 is surprising, which will only broadcast it next week, until 16 Septemberbefore stopping it.

Canale 5 suddenly cancels one of the most loved programs, that’s what’s about to happen

A real slap in the face for the soap fans who had become more and more fond of the protagonists and an engaging plot. But there is a specific reason that led to this choice. In fact, from 12 September it will start again Men and women but then there will also be the daily strips of Big Brother Vip 7 and Friends after the dating show.


Therefore, only the slot remains free between 4.50pm and 5.25pm, before Afternoon Five. So why did Mediaset focus on Another Tomorrow and not on Terra Amara which instead guaranteed higher ratings? TvBlog gives an explanation. The cycle of A life on Canale 5 it is about to end, also because the soap in Spain has already ended for some time without being renewed. And the number to bet for Another Tomorrow is also lower than that of Terra Amara.

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Terra Amara (Instagram)

So the good news for the fans is that this is goodbye and not goodbye. The new episodes of the Turkish soap will return later in the afternoon of Canale 5, with a suitable location for everyone.

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