Faking It – Lies or Truth? su Nove, from 10 September

Faking It – Lies or Truth? su Nove, from 10 September
Faking It – Lies or Truth? su Nove, from 10 September
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Pino Rinaldi, journalist and historical correspondent of Who has seen it ?, will be the presenter of the special of Faking It – Lies or Truth?broadcast tonight, Saturday 10 September, on NINE, starting at 21:25 hours.

Faking It – Lies or Truth?program produced by Stand By Me for Warner Bros. Discovery, is the Italian version of the successful British format of the same name that studies the protagonists of cases of crime news through their language and their behavior.

The special episode aired tonight will deepen one of the court cases that have most affected public opinion in recent years: the murder of the little boy Lorys Stivalkilled by his mother Veronica Panarello in 2014, in Santa Croce Camerina, Sicily.

The case will be examined from different points of view by Pino Rinaldi, together with a team of experts: the profiler Margherita Carlinipsychotherapist and forensic criminologist, il listener Felix B. Lecceexpert in forensic communication, and the watcher Diego Ingrassiaexpert in emotional-behavioral analysis.

Pino Rinaldi will take care of the storytelling of the famous news case while the three experts will analyze the behaviors of Veronica Panarello, sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Through verbal and non-verbal language, posture, expressions and gestures during the various interrogations, photograms and environmental interceptions, the experts will try to enter the mind by Veronica Panarello in order to find the key to unmask hers lies.

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Lorys Stival’s mother, as we recall, provided three versions several of the facts: in the first, he told that his son had been kidnapped; in the second, she claimed that her son had died of a domestic accident, admitting that she had disposed of her body; in the third, she accused her father-in-law, Andrea Stival. The woman continues to profess innocent.

To this analytical work, the interviews to Antonella Panarello, Veronica’s sister, to the then head of the Ragusa mobile squad, Antonino Ciavola, and to the psychiatrist Eugenio Aguglia, who carried out the expert opinion on Veronica Panarello during the trial.

The episode is already available in preview on the discovery + platform.

The article is in Italian

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