Little Big Italy 5 starts with Francesco Panella and a new vote

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Fifth edition for Little Big Italy with Francesco Panella: this is what we will see in this edition that welcomes us with a novelty

On September 12, a day of great television returns, among others, also that of Francesco Panella with his Little Big Italy. The Discovery program, which will air on the Nove, has reached its fifth edition and awaits us with a first episode full of emotions (episode already available in the Discovery Plus online catalog for subscribers). Yup departs from New York, home of Francesco Panella, where the restaurateur and entrepreneur has one of his restaurants, L’antica Pesa New York. And it is precisely from the big apple that we start again in search of a restaurant with the best regional cuisine, linked to the Italian tradition. Francesco Panella is also the protagonist of Little Big Italy 5 together with expats, ready to battle at the last vote. And speaking of votes and tokensin this fifth edition of the program, there will be something new.

Little Big Italy 5: the impact vote arrives

Not only the dishes will be voted on, a bit like it also happens for other programs in which location and service are evaluated, in this case, Panella and the production of the program have opted for a different vote. It is called an impact vote, both the host and the “competitors” will be asked to vote the restaurant and the restaurateurs hosting them, based on the first sensations. A sort of skin vote, for how they were received, for how they found the position of the restaurant, for the room that hosts them. This is a novelty compared to past editions of the program.

Little Big Italy 5: we leave New York

And since Panella has already visited some cities, we are looking for something different. In New York we saw expa eat in old and new places, Italian dishes and pizza. But this time, in the first episode of Little Big Italy, Francesco wants to find the best regional restaurant. Almost completely single-issue cuisine therefore, so you will eat in a restaurant that offers Roman cuisine, in one that does Marche cuisine and in one that focuses entirely on Neapolitan cuisine. It will be a challenge to the last token but we will not reveal who will win.

What we can tell you is that the first episode of Little Big Italy moved us and maybe it will move you too. Prepare the handkerchiefs because there will be a couple of tearful moments, those in which you really can’t help but cry, if you have a soul! Cuisine, tradition, stories of our Italy, stories of those who have left everything, unmissable dishes that seem to arrive even in our homes with their scent: all this is Little Big Italy that does not disappoint expectations, on the contrary, it gets off to a great start with a truly episode sparkling. Not to be missed.

UPDATE– As you can also see from Francesco Panella’s FB page, the first episode will take us to Puerto Rico

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The cities visited in this edition will be: Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Dublin, Puerto Rico, Washington, Nashville, Phoenix, Seattle and New York.

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