The Three on the spit, prize money and winning word on Thursday 1 September 2022

The Three on the spit, prize money and winning word on Thursday 1 September 2022
The Three on the spit, prize money and winning word on Thursday 1 September 2022
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Reaction to Catena 2022. The week continues with a certainty: also this evening, starting at 6.45 pm, the summer quiz game of Rai 1 will be broadcast, Chain reaction. The broadcast has been thrilling thousands of viewers for years now and trains their minds!

To the conduction Marco Liorni, which will play between the two teams that are the protagonists of the evening. There will be the new champions i ‘Tre allo Spiedo’, present for 7 days, against the challengers’Words words‘. Which of them will win?

Chain Reaction 2022: “The Three on a spit” VS “Le parole parole”

The rules of the game are always the same and the challenge promises to be fierce, always in ‘strokes of words’. Only one of the two teams, as always, between “The three on the spit “ And ”Words words will arrive at the final match.

In the last winning understanding between the two teams, the winners were “The three on the spit”, Who guessed 11 words. Will the champions be able to take home the entire prize pool? And to show everyone their skill?

What prize money did the champions show up with?

The final step was therefore conquered by the trio “The three on the spit”who will now try to do everything possible and take home the prize money accumulated during the episode, which amounts to 135 thousand euros.


The last chain

Tonight’s winning word is about to be revealed. But not before having seen the entire sequence of words that today was composed of:

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  • It is not
  • air
  • room
  • dress
  • official
  • second
  • king
  • seven
  • fish
  • mackerel
  • empty

Chain Ration 2022: tonight’s winning word is …

The last chain with the value of 4,219 euros– the boys used the joker during the heat, halving the initial amount – it was made up as follows: “Empty, Di …. and, third element.

After comparing, the trio decided to buy the third element further halving the prize pool and thus arriving at 2,110 euros. The third element was State. What will unite the words Empty and state? In the end, the boys decided to try their luck with the word Forgetfulness. Will it be the right one? Unfortunately not. The exact word was “Available“.

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