First Appointment on Real Time, Montrucchio extends in 2023

First Appointment on Real Time, Montrucchio extends in 2023
First Appointment on Real Time, Montrucchio extends in 2023
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First date he’s about to come back, Flavio Montrucchio is one of the leading faces of the Discovery Italia season that is about to reopen, starting this week with the workhorses of Real Time. We are talking about his program now in its seventh year of life (the fifth in the hands of the host and actor).

It is evident that the company is betting in particular on this format and on the conductor already awarded by 35 first evenings last season. First date it reached half a million viewers several times and a 2% share, an interesting figure for a network like Real Time,.

Just take a look at the growth undertaken since its first edition, the running-in of the first 8 episodes in 2017 were a springboard for success in 2018, but it is with the arrival of Montrucchio in 2019 (now at ease in the field of entertainment) that the turning point, the doubling up to 20 episodes in 2020 is proof of this, as well as the confirmation in 2021 with another 20 episodes.

Added to this is the spin off of First Cruise Appointment, the spring edition of the dating show with the second season broadcast from April to June 2022, also hosted by Montrucchio. A version that touched the total audience of 500,000 spectators with over 2.3% of share.

From Tuesday 6 September 2022 First date it returns well in advance of its usual location. Usually airing starting in January, the show turbo-charged and returns with a new cycle of 15 episodes full of stories to discover.

The format is now known, it is based on the combination of blind dates between singles hoping to find love, how? Getting to know each other at a simple dinner at a restaurant that could hold surprises, sweet or bitter.


Flavio Montrucchio (recently awarded as “Best TV presenter of the season” at the Benevento Film and TV Festival) will be ready to dispense advice, with an eye to the meetings that will take place inside the restaurant.

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However, his work this year will be more demanding than the previous editions. Indeed TvBlog is able to anticipate that, for the first time, Montrucchio with Primo Appointment it will cover the entire season of Real Time (almost) continuously. After the conclusion of the first 15 episodes of the program there will be a Christmas break that will lead to another tranche of unreleased episodes aired from January until April 2023.

We add more: on balance, if they were to confirm the third edition of the spin-off First Cruise Appointment ‘in tandem’ to the classic version of the program, Flavio Montrucchio could be continuously on the air until the beginning of summer 2023.

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