Men and women, Roberta Di Padua breaks the silence on Davide Donadei

Men and women, Roberta Di Padua breaks the silence on Davide Donadei
Men and women, Roberta Di Padua breaks the silence on Davide Donadei
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The former lady of the throne over of Men and Women, intervenes on Instagram after the photos and the video that immortalized her at dinner with the former tronist.

A few days ago, the former tronista of Men and women, Davide Donadei, was spotted in the company ofex dame of the throne over, Roberta Di Padua.

On social media, videos and photos of the meeting, which took place in a restaurant in Naples, bounced. In the general chatter fed on Instagram, some reports reached the influencer from Campania Deianira Marzano testified that i two would also have retired together in the same hotel room, thus spending the night together.

Lformer tronista Davide Donadei he then intervened on social media specifying that between him and e Roberta there is a simple friendship and that between them there was only a friendly dinner.

A few moments ago, the former lady of Cassino also broke the silence.

Here are the words of Roberta Di Padua on Instagram in reference to the gossip that exploded with Davide Donadethe:

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“I waited a while it’s true! Many things have been said, some right, many wrong. You will tell me it’s the fault of gossip, it’s not like that! There is gossip and there is looting. Telling about a dinner and a meeting is gossip; speculating, inventing and condemning (without knowing and without knowing) a single woman who, even before being a public figure, is a normal person, master of her own choices and her own life, is looting (pseudo gossippari who mystify reality and deceive the public in order to have followed on their pages), this is not a gossip but only serves to generate malice and hater. The opinion and support of the public have never been among my priorities, I am free, direct, I always decided according to my head and my heart, you hardly shared my choices but the (beautiful) life is one, it is mine. Over time someone has changed his mind, someone has not, I always leave the freedom of opinion, not you can please everyone truth, as always, will come out but from me! Time (as has already happened) will give the answers. Have peaceful dreams!

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