look at the face of Giuseppe Conte – Libero Quotidiano

look at the face of Giuseppe Conte – Libero Quotidiano
look at the face of Giuseppe Conte – Libero Quotidiano

Difficult to stay focused in front of one Veronica Gentili Like this. The hostess of Countercurrenton Rete 4, interview Giuseppe Conte and literally sends him haywire. “Merit”, according to the most mischievous viewers commenting on the episode on La7, of the “change of dress” of the presenter, who bursts into the studio after the first part of the talk, access prime time version, all focused on chaos in the 5 Star Movement and the split of Luigi Di Maio. The first evening opens with an interview with Conte, who suffered that split. Gentili enters at a brisk pace, with a low-cut black dress and generous “high-cut” instead of a turquoise blouse exhibited behind the counter until a few minutes earlier.

He sits in front of Conte and begins the interview. Indeed, the show, because the Gentili is a river in flood. Tough, he puts the interlocutor under pressure, not sparing him politically very peppery passages. Someone even notices some “distracted” look of the lawyer, but frankly they are exaggerations. When he lowers his eyes it is because he tries to calibrate his words well and give the impression of a leader who does not bear a grudge. Not always, however, he succeeds.

The former premier, who shortly before was on the air at Half past eight, on La7, he gets on the defensive. Gentili points out to him that Di Maio, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to motivate the split and the formation of his autonomous groups Together for the futurehad even brought up “the threat to national security” represented by the positions of the 5 Stars up Ukraine And Born. An expression “detrimental to our legitimacy”, underlines Conte, dreading complaints.

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