jackpot and winning word of the guillotine on Saturday 21 January 2023

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Who won the Legacy tonight? The question haunts all the audience of the most ardent fans right now, even today, Saturday 21 January 2023. All ready for a new appointment in the early evening of Rai 1 with the quiz show among the public’s favorites. And who keeps us company every day, from Monday to Sunday as always starting at 18.45. At the conduction, as per tradition Flavio Insinna, who will be at the helm of the program. Between questions of culture and curiosity to play all together, even from home with exciting challenges, which are passionate. And which train the mind, especially in the final rush where the prize money painstakingly accumulated by the champion risks being halved in the event of a mistake. Also this evening the challenge, with games and general culture questions (but not only) promises to be clearly fierce, but only one person will be able to get to the end. To sit in front of the host for the Guillotine and hope to win. The goal is one: guess the word, the one that links all those on the guillotine, hoping you haven’t made too many mistakes. The target? Clearly to guess the word and take home the jackpot of the evening.


Who will be tonight’s champion at Legacy?

Before the Guillotinenew in this edition of The legacy it’s ‘final hits‘: this is the penultimate challenge, the decisive one, which allows the competitor to play for the prize pool. A challenge for two in which only one of the competitors will be able to get the pass, to sit in front of Flavio Insinna and hoping to win, taking home the stake prize. In tonight’s appointment they challenged each other Emanuel and Joselito both arrived at the final hits. Who will be able to win at the guillotine, which is the last hurdle of the exciting game? Who will be able to guess the winning word to take home the final jackpot? In the end it was Joselito who won who thus became the new champion.



The word of the guillotine and the final jackpot

Emanuel he then presented himself to the guillotine, the last step of the game quiz, with ben 150 thousand euros! Will he be able to keep the figure until the end or will he have to halve and give up the ‘complete loot’? But let’s see, now, how his guillotine was composed:

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  • Freddo
  • Long
  • Sitting
  • Branch
  • Current

In the end the prize pool is 18,750 EUR. Will the champion be able to take home the prize money? What will it be winning word of this gripping guillotine that connects everything?

The winning word tonight is…

Emanuel chose the word “River”. The winning word was right “River”so the champion won!

The article is in Italian

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