Damiano David makes Giorgia Soleri jealous, caught at dinner with another woman (very famous)

Damiano David makes Giorgia Soleri jealous, caught at dinner with another woman (very famous)
Damiano David makes Giorgia Soleri jealous, caught at dinner with another woman (very famous)
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The singer of the Maneskin Does Damiano David infuriate girlfriend Giorgia Soleri? The handsome Roman was pinched at dinner with another, very famous and well-known. That’s who it is.

In recent days, the fans of the couple formed by Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri were delighted by shots and videos of the two on vacation together in Puglia. After his American commitments with his band, he has carved out a few days to spend with his partner before September and the various commitments that await them. A relationship announced after years and very rare appearances together. The couple, however, resist the multiple movements of the winning band of theEurovision Song Contest 2021.

The photos of the two in love and happy in this hot August 2022 have left their admirers baffled. In fact, they did not expect such utterances from the two, always extremely reserved. So everything was fine after her debut as a poet and his triumph at the Circus Maximus. The gossip, however, does not subside and according to the latest rumors, the handsome tattooed Roman has been pinched in the company of another damsel who, no, it’s not Giorgia Soleri, in not exactly innocent attitudes. What is happening between the two and who was the beautiful and famous diner alongside Damiano David?

Is Damiano David cheating on Giorgia Soleri?

Maneskin leader Damiano David was photographed a few days ago at dinner at the Sushi Jazz of Pietrasanta. So far nothing exceptional and rough. A twenty-year-old, like everyone else or as famous as the young Roman, has every right to go out and have fun on these warm summer evenings. Damiano, however, very engaged to the influencer Giorgia Soleri, was seen in the company of another girl, very young and well-known in the world. The two were paparazzi in somewhat confidential attitudes.

This is Madame Betty, a famous DJ who has animated several of the singer’s parties Madonna. Immediately everyone shouted scandal: Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri are in crisis, he betrays her and comes out into the open. Could there be a future collaboration between the two that would lead the Maneskin towards the recording of a single with house and more pop features? In fact, American influences are increasingly investing the band, which branches have entered into a pact of the musical Olympus with stars and stripes. We just have to wait for future communications from the winning group of Sanremo to understand what is actually happening.

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