Marcello desperate for Ludovica. It’s time for him to leave!

Marcello desperate for Ludovica. It’s time for him to leave!
Marcello desperate for Ludovica. It’s time for him to leave!
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Let’s see together the Advances of Il Paradiso delle Signore for the episode of January 16, 2023. The Plots of the Rai1 Soap episode tell us that Marcello will make a shocking decision after learning of Ludovica’s official engagement. It will be time for him to move to Australia.

In the bet de Ladies Paradise of the January 16, 2023 we will see one Marcello’s shocking decision. The Advances from the soap there they reveal that in the episode, on air as always at 16.05 on Rai1, Marcello will discover with horror that Ludovica is officially engaged with Ferdinand. Feeling defeated by now, Barbieri will make an unexpected choice about his future and will decide to leave Milan forever. Meanwhile for Veronica will come on time to go back to work to Paradise. Palm treeconvinced that she has to roll up her sleeves, she will start the search for a new job. Victor instead it will seem completely uninterested in collecting the prize won thanks to advertising that he saw Matilda protagonist. Clara And Alfred finally they will be more and more enthusiastic about bicycle racing And Perico will propose to the girl Of to race for win a jackpot very interesting but Don Saverio will try to hinder them.

Marcello throws in the towel and gives up everything: this is what the Advances of Il Paradiso delle Signore of 16 January 2023 reveal

Ludovica said enough. La Brancia after witnessing the quarrel between Marcellus and Ferdinandin which the Barbieri punched his rivalhas decided to close permanently with the his ex, disappointed in his behavior. Such an attitude cannot be tolerated by the countess, who had hoped that things with the former bartender might even settle down. Convinced that the situation will never change, she is officially engaged to Torrebruna. There news will reach Marcello’s ears And it will leave him speechless. The boy he’ll realize he’s got it all wrong and in the throes of total despondency e I’m sure I can’t fix itgiven also the sale of Palazzo Andreani, will decide to change his life and his future with a trip. Sara ready to packin direction Australia… And it will be forever.

Anticipations The Paradise of the Ladies: Veronica returns to Paradise

The Christmas holidays have brought Ezio And Veronica to collide again and this time due to a decision by Zanatta. The woman, to help her partner cope with the enormous expenses for her new business, has decided to find work. Gemma succeeded to let her into Paradise but Ezio said he was against it. After a necessary clarification, the Columbus understood his mistake And he let his fiancée go free to go his own way. And for Veronicain the episode of January 16, 2023, will be the time to go back to the department store. Meanwhile Palm treeconvinced of having to put to work, will start looking for a new job while his son Francis will try to conquer there Salvo’s trust and to work better in the Cafeteria but it will be understood that the his real goal is another.

The Ladies’ Paradise Previews: Vittorio refuses to collect a coveted prize

The Matilda’s last decisions they brought Victor to make a step back. There Frigerio said goodbye to the Conti forever and although there was a moment of détente between the two, it is clear that things will never be the same again. This situation has affected a lot the director which it will appear to have lost enthusiasm also to collect the prizes won thanks to his skill. Vittorio will refuse to pick up L’coveted award, obtained with advertising that he saw Matilda protagonist. This attitude will worry Adelaide, who will want to give him a shock. Meanwhile Alfredo will propose to Clara Of participate in a bicycle race for which it was up for grabs a nice jackpot. There girl will be thrilled but Don Xavierhis uncle, he will try to thwart their plans.


Let’s find out all the Weekly previews de The Paradise of the Ladies from 16 to 20 January 2023

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Ladies Paradise goes on air from Monday to Friday at 16.05 on Rai 1.

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