Alessia Marcuzzi is Boomerissima: first episode, guests and competition

Alessia Marcuzzi is Boomerissima: first episode, guests and competition
Alessia Marcuzzi is Boomerissima: first episode, guests and competition
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Stu Rai 2 arrives tonight at 21.20 Boomerthe plan by Alessia Marcuzzi which marks his return to Rai. Not only as a presenter but also as an author. «I sewed it a bit on myself – explained Alessia at the press conference. It is both a new beginning and another step.”

Boomerthe games of the new program

The protagonists are two generations in comparison, i Boomers hey Millennials. At the center of each episode, the two teams – renamed panel – composed respectively by four exponents of the two generations. The goal is to prove that one’s era is better than the other. To obtain the coveted title, the contestants try their hand at different challenges.

With Super Hits each team must demonstrate that the music of the period to which they belong is the most enthralling. Then it comes What year is it. In this round, the teams have to guess the year of release of a film of their own years. Still in Everyone sings Sanremo they have to interpret the cult songs of their own generation. An escalation of trials, until you get to The closing speechthe last step in which each team must get the public to vote for your team.

Indeed, the winning era was crowned by the audience, made up equally of Boomers and Millennials. During the program, there will be space too for performances starring the landlady herself and her guests. Moreover, the study is divided into two partsone of which plays a house. The space, that is, in which it welcomes the characters who will take turns episode after episode. «Some things happen in the house with the guests, which take us back in time. There is a wardrobe with a magical door. We will go back in time or in the case of millennials they will do things that are very current for them». For the debut, it will turn into Michael Jackson.

Alessia Marcuzzi: “I asked to go to Rai 2”

The idea of Boomer was born during the lockdown, talking to the authors Fabrizio Biggio, Valerio Palmieri and Sabrina Giovannelli. “We all dreamed in our bedroom when we were kids. I stood with the broom in front of the mirror and played Madonna, Michael Jackson, all my idols. I dreamed of having my own stage, which then became my job».

Now his stage is again that of Rai 2. Not Rai 1, but he doesn’t worry about it. «I went to Stefano Coletta (the prime time entertainment director, ed) they I asked to be able to go to Rai 2». The reason is to be found in the nature of the network. «I would like to do this challenge in a network that looks a lot like me», she says, «even if the ratings are not as high as the others, because it has an audience that in my opinion needs to be accompanied a bit». Moreover, “I wanted to get involved, do something new in a net that had the right strings for me”.

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Alessia Marcuzzi in the study of “Boomerissima”. (Maurizio D’Avanzo)

And now Marcuzzi is ready to get involved, opening the box of memories. «I’m a fan of 80’s and 90’s music, partly because I grew up on it, partly because I presented it on music shows. As well as television series, Charlie’s Angels, The Bradford family, Beverly Hills. In those years we lived a little on bread and television, it was our means of entertainment. I remember that lightness well. I miss it and I’m glad when I see that now we go back to those years a bit. Strange things is the series that has had the most success in the world and is set in the 80s. Kate Bush with Running up that hill has returned to the top of the world rankings».

The contestants and guests of the first episode

To inaugurate the program, some of the most representative names of the two generations. The Boomer team is made up of Francesco Facchinetti, Claudia Gerini, Max Giusti and Sabrina Salerno. That of Millennials from Elettra Lamborghini, Valentina Romano, Gianmarco Tamberi and Tommaso Zorzi.

In addition, there will also be gods guests. Among those announced, Luciana Littizzetto and Max Pezzali. «Luciana will do everything. I love it. She has been a friend for a long time. How can you not love her? It was a nice gift to have her here», says Marcuzzi. Su Pezzali reveals that she will get involved with a singing test.

Moreover, “there will be a surprise from a dear friend, which I don’t want to reveal to you”. Is it Fiorello? At the moment it is not known. What is certain is that the presenter was recently a guest of Long live Rai 2! and who knows if the colleague will reciprocate the favor.

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With Fiorello at the “Festivalbar 2000”. (Getty Images)

Gerini-Zorzi and Salerno-Lamborghini clash

About the competitors of the first episode, apparently the race between generations inflames spirits. In recent days, TvBlog revealed that behind the scenes insiders would witness a tough guy clash between Tommaso Zorzi and Claudia Gerini. Alessia Marcuzzi does not deny, but rather argues.


They’re serious about it, but you have to think it’s quite normal because you’re in a race. The healthy competition has come out. Things happen in the studio very similar to what happens at home. There were very funny moments, but also heated ones ». And, apparently, Zorzi and Gerini are not the only two on a collision course.

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“Uh, also Sabrina Salerno and Electra», he adds. And emphasizes that, unlike the motto the important thing is to participate“to Boomer no, it starts by saying: the important thing is to win».

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With Amadeus at the “Festivalbar 1997”. (HANDLE)

The return to Rai after the farewell to Mediaset

For Alessia Marcuzzi the last experience in Rai dates back to 1994 with The Big Game of the Goose. After that, over twenty years spent at Mediaset. In 2021, through an announcement made on his social profiles, she announced that she wanted to take a break from the television. This meant saying goodbye to what has been her home for so long. “I have received love in all the years that I have been there. There were no discussions”he points out.

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On the island of the famous 2019. (ANSA)

Regarding the choice made, he recalls: «I needed some time for myself. At a time when I had a reality that excited me a lot – I produce bags and creams – I realized that I was less enthusiastic about video. I decided to stop by because perhaps I was no longer able to give what I wanted to give. I asked myself questions and I didn’t recognize myself so much anymore”.

Despite the period of reflection, she never «abandoned the idea of ​​being a performer». So sooner or later she would come back, perhaps with the most suitable key for her figure. «I wanted to make a program in which to get involved a little more than the classic hosting», specific. Then he adds a footnote on the agreements in place with the company: «I don’t have exclusive Rai», he specifies. Coletta echoes her, who points out that in reality they have several projects to develop together.

Alessia Marcuzzi co-host in Sanremo 2023?

About this, Boomer debuts less than a month after Festival. On 6 January Marcuzzi was a guest of Amadeus to The usual unknown and the question arises: will we see her again on the stage of Sanremo 2023? «Actually, when I go on a program I take what I find beautiful. Especially if I rediscover the feeling as happened with Rosario (Fiorello, ed) and Amadeus. I don’t think about the rest.”

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An evasive answer, which does not reveal particular clues. Then he continues: “I wish Amadeus the most beautiful Sanremo ever. We have had wonderful years at the Festivalbar. I will always carry this with me.” Therefore, she would not be one of the two co-hosts not yet announced by the deus ex machina of the kermesse.


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