in the cast Giovanni Muciaccia and the Donatellas

in the cast Giovanni Muciaccia and the Donatellas
in the cast Giovanni Muciaccia and the Donatellas
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Paolo Bonolis’ quiz returns to Canale 5 from 9 January: here’s everything you need to know, from the rules to the new entries in the cast.

Posted on: 9 January 2023 11:37:00


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Finally here we are: Monday 9 January it starts again Next anotherthe game show of Channel 5 conducted by Paul Bonolis And Luca Laurenti. With 102 new bets, the quiz replaces Free fall and will keep us company until the month of April. So here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 edition, from confirmations to big news.

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The new additions to the cast

Among the most loved features by the public of Next another there is undoubtedly the presence, in the quiz, of a myriad of extravagant characters, whose job it is to ask some questions to the contestants. From the so-called sitting area some great news arrive this year: the bizarre characters we already know are joined by some well-known names from TV. Between these John Muciacciafamous face of Art Attackwhich reaches Forward a other to challenge the contestants with art and culture questions. But also The Donatellas (born Silvia and Giulia Provvedi), the twins launched by X Factor who have achieved success thanks to the Gf Vip. With them in the Salottino are two other new entries: Aquamanwhich deals with questions about the world of the sea, e Dario Schellino for the fashion world. Speaking of familiar faces, it’s on the way too Sophie Codegoniready to debut in the role of Bonas, taking the place of Sara Croce.

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The rules

One certainty, however, is the regulation of Next anotherwhich remains unchanged compared to previous editions. The protagonists are, of course, the competitors, called to respond to a series of requests on the most diverse topics. If they correctly answer at least three out of four questions (for each topic) he has the possibility of extracting a “lice“, thanks to which he can accumulate the prize pool. The competitor who will have the highest prize pool will win the place in the endgamewhich consists of a series of 21 questions to which he only has to give wrong answers.

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