Very true, Patrizia Rossetti after the Gf Vip 7: “I abandoned because…”

Very true, Patrizia Rossetti after the Gf Vip 7: “I abandoned because…”
Very true, Patrizia Rossetti after the Gf Vip 7: “I abandoned because…”
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Patricia Rossettiafter deciding to abandon the Home of the Big Brother VIP 7was a guest of Silvia Toffanin to very truethe talk channel 5 afternoon.

To the presenter, the former ‘vippona‘ she explained the reasons that prompted her to take the painful decision:

My doctor said it’s definitely a post-Covid problem.

There Lipsticksin fact, during the 107 days spent at Gf Vipcontracted Covid having to temporarily leave the loft to carry out the quarantine.

I was sick for 15 days, pain in my legs, which never went away, whether I was still or sitting. I tried to rest and then I couldn’t not live there Home. And so she went like this.

The telemarketer confessed:

I’ve always followed the program, I had made my calculations, but I didn’t expect so many emotions. You’re out of your life, out of your affections…it’s strong, it took me a while to get used to at first. You also lose some memory, not being used to reading…

An error in its path to the Gf Vip?:

Perhaps I should have said the same things, perhaps with a smile. Because I realized I was serious, but many times I found it hard to smile in there. It’s a suffocating journey, you would like to be understood and many times they go out of their way to pretend they don’t understand you.

The fellow adventurers with whom he would gladly go to dinner would certainly be Amaurys Perez, Antonella Fiordelisi, Albert DePisis And Charlie Gnocchi. “There have been some good friendships“, He admitted. No mention, however, a Wilma Goichwith whom he seemed to have bonded and shared much of the experience in the Home. Apparently, the disagreements of the last period have not been exceeded.

He then revealed some details of his childhood, recalling the figure of a mother who, although rather possessive and judgmental, still represents the guiding star of her actions. A few words also for her father, the sweet part that balanced the seriousness of her mother, who followed her throughout the television experience.

Patricia she also talked about loneliness and how she usually deals with it:

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I’ve always been alone. It’s not a big fear, but a small one. Obvious that going forward with the years I would have wanted brothers, sisters. But I have some amazing friends who are always close to me. A little fear of loneliness is right.

About love:

Love has let me down. Love is just like that: you suffer and you love. I wished it was different, but I’m ready to open my heart again. Of course, with leaden feet… I’ve been very hurt in the past. But I believe that anyone who can get close I would never make them pay for what they did to me.

Regarding love, he joked recalling: “I also told Gf Vip: send me someone more interesting!“.

With a special message from your friend Emanuela Follierothe Lipsticks he underlined: “She’s the sister I don’t have“.

A difficult moment in which he needed the help of his loved ones:

At work and in my private life, when I was having problems with my ex. There, when you need to, find out who are the people who are your true friends, who also tell you the mistakes you’ve made.

The only regret of Patricia:

I wish I could be more expansive with my mom. I wanted to say “I love you” several times, but I think she knew it.

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