Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez protagonists of the weekend

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Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez they always captivate viewers. Beautiful, sunny, self-confident and above all always surrounded by an aura of gossip which makes them even more attractive. The sisters were the protagonists of the Mediaset television weekend: the eldest due to the final of You are worth itthe little guest in the living room of very true.

Belen Rodriguez in Tu si que Vales

You are worth it closes its doors with a very popular episode which saw the announcement of the winners. Obviously Belen Rodríguez she was the most elegant of the conductors, wearing a black dress Nensi Dojaka. Bare shoulders, double vents and veiled portholes on the sides: Argentina was really hot.

Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser in Verissimo

Cecilia Rodriguez Very true dress Federica Tosi 2
Cecilia and Ignazio in Verissimo

Wedding proposal protagonist of the interview of Silvia Toffanin. TO very true, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser they retraced the stages of their love by telling the background of that ring that she wears on her ring finger. Ring which is revealed to have previously been shown to Belento approve it. Ignazio then revealed that he preferred an intimate and private situation for the proposal, rather than a blatant moment, as perhaps she expected.

Belen’s message

Belen Rodriguez Very true Mar de Margaritas dress
Silvia Toffanin and Belen Rodriguez in Verissimo

Among the video memories shown a very truecould not miss the message of Belen Rodríguez. After her own interview, in which the focus was on her story with Stephen DeMartino, Belen he wanted to send his best wishes to his sister. “You continued to choose each other over time, you had time and over time you remained united” the showgirl told the couple, adding that “You will be crazy parents … So guys get busy”, she joked, saying she was ready to become an aunt. The last thought, Belen reserved it for Cecilia and it’s a piece of… make-up advice: “Get married after September because it’s too hot and your makeup crumbles!”.


The right month for the wedding

Not even Francesco Moser, Ignazio’s father would approve of September: the former cycling champion, now an entrepreneur in the wine sector, advised the couple against the month of the harvest. The wedding of Cecilia and Ignatius they will probably be celebrated in October. Waiting to see her in a white dress, look at the look in the gallery very true by Cecilia Rodríguez.

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