Alice, 5 years old, forced to stay in class with her father: she needs a nurse, at Ats now the task of resolving the issue

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Alicefive years, tracheotomized from birth, he can go to school but only with Pope. For her, perhaps for a few more days or weeks, it will not be possible to attend companions without having the father ready to intervene for the removal of the secretions from the airways. So it was decided by the head teacher of the institute including SergnanoIlaria Andreoni, in agreement with the mayor of the community of I cryRoberto Barbaglio but also with the family who took note of all the good will of the school to solve a case that brings to mind the theme ofmale nurse between the benches, so much evoked in the era of pandemic.

The case was born the first of September on the occasion of the ringing of the first bell at the kindergarten. For the first few days of lessons Alice he could not set foot in the courtroom because his was missing teacher support: “We agreed with the family in this way – explains the manager – to start the year in the best possible way for the little girl ”. On Tuesday 13th, the specialist teacher arrived and on Thursday 15th Alice returned to her family companions where she has available for eighteen hours (this is the time agreed for her by the Glo, operational working group for inclusion) the specialized teacher (the same as last year) and the assistant for the same number of hours ad personam (the same as last year), made available bymunicipal administration. The problem arose out of Alice’s need to be aspirated: one nursing maneuver “Which does not require special skills” according to the child’s grandmother, but which must be performed by those who can take this responsibilityi.e. healthcare personnel.

“Last year – he explains Elena MinardoAlice’s mother – the ad personam assistant she had had among her did it experiences past work also the health one. This year his task is limited to the action of support educational“. And who removes the secretions from the baby’s airways? Need an inurse. Hence the request made toAts Cremona Mantua to have assistance for Alice, especially in view of the primary school which is a must. A meeting between the parentsthe Municipality, the school and theHealth protection company to find the definitive solution. And here will undoubtedly open the topic of who will have to pay the nurse since the kindergarten is not mandatory. Meanwhile to the father who works in the offices of the school headquarters, a Sergnanowas allowed to move into the daughter’s plexus (I cry), working in smart working, ready to intervene in case of need. “We have tried – explains the manager – every possible solution together with the family. Since the little girl has attended our school there is a great one Attention and a choral work for her “. Now it’s up to Ats, which has actually known this problem for a month: “We – says Alice’s mother – have not pointed the finger at anyone. There school did its part, even the Common. We didn’t just understand whose it was responsibility to find the nurse, now we hope that Tuesday is the right time because my daughter has the right to go to school without having the father“.


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