Italy, guns on the rise. The rifles, on the other hand, are bad – OA Sport

Italy, guns on the rise. The rifles, on the other hand, are bad – OA Sport
Italy, guns on the rise. The rifles, on the other hand, are bad – OA Sport
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After the 2022 Europeans on target shooting, and towards the World Championships in Cairo, next October, Italy and all the other powers of the discipline looked inward for an initial assessment towards the sprint at the end of the year.

In Wroclaw, Poland, for the Azzurri expedition they went far from well: no continental medal, in the 25 and 50m races, and no Olympic card towards Paris 2024, but as always in these cases you can’t make a bundle of all the grass. Here are the appropriate distinctions.

The pistol compartment, in the women’s sports competition and in the men’s automatic racehowever, showed that it was growing by hoisting Maria Varricchio in fourth place overall in the competition reserved for women (best career result for the bell), one step away from the podium and the pass to Cinque Cerchi, and Massimo Spinella in eighth place in the contest dedicated to men, where Riccardo Mazzetti – not very brilliant – finished 16th.

The rifle department, on the other hand, was very disappointing. None of the six Italian representatives in the race, 3 women and 3 men, managed to pass the initial cut of the pre-qualifiers, thus exhausting the tricolor attempt to try to win a medal or get a pass practically immediately. A notable and, in some ways unexpected, setback, especially when in the team you have elements of the caliber of Sofia Ceccarello.

But now is not the time to cry over spilled milk, but to leave for the world championship event. A chance, albeit more complicated by the fact that there will be many more shooters in the competition, in some ways wider to do better, also because the cards up for grabs towards Paris 2024 there will be 4 for each individual competition.

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We need a shock, of a signal that will help close 2022 well and lead the way towards 2023.

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