age, brother Gene, job, ex-wife, kids, Instagram

age, brother Gene, job, ex-wife, kids, Instagram
age, brother Gene, job, ex-wife, kids, Instagram
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Private and professional life of Charlie Gnocchi: from his real name to his job, from his brother Gene to his children. But who is Charlie Gnocchi? Let’s find out everything there is to know about him. The origins, Strip the news, the painting and the companion up to the participation in the Big Brother Vip, starting on September 19, 2022 on Canale 5.

From age to family: the brother is Gene Gnocchi

Charlie Gnocchi is the stage name of Carlo Ghiozzi. He was born in Fidenza (province of Parma) on January 29, 1963. Charlie has four brothers – the famous Gene, Alberto, Federico and Andrea – and a sister named Elena. Very studious, he managed to graduate from the University of Parma in Law, Urban Planning and Community and Regional Planning. He subsequently attended a second level Masters degree at the London Business School. He is the younger brother of comedian Gene Gnocchi, who is 67 years old.

Charlie Gnocchi and the radio work

Charlie Gnocchi was a great music lover from an early age. After playing the guitar in the group Desmodromici (which has his brother Gene Gnocchi as singer), his career as a radio host officially began in 1992 when it airs with Joe Violanti on Radio 105. A winning couple who later move to RTL 102.5. The title of their program is “Alto Enjoyimento”, a success that, from 1993, they lead until 1999. A few years later he conducts “W Italy – No problem”, paired with Alessandro Greco first and with Valeria
Graci later.

Television, music, painting

In addition to radio, Charlie has many experiences also on television: he took part (in 1994 and 1995) in “Uno Mattina Estate” and in “E ‘di Utile Futile” (1995); he hosted (and created) “Cuffie D’oro” (award radio tv), from 2010 to 2017; he participated in the program “L’estate live” and is a well-known face of “Striscia la Notizie”, where with the nickname Mister Neuro he interviews Italian politicians about the waste of public money. He has also composed an endless quantity of musical pieces with an often demented imprint. Charlie Gnocchi is also a painter, inspired in particular by pop art and abstraction: with his work he has earned many exhibitions.


Private life: daughter, ex-wife, Instagram

Charlie Gnocchi has a daughter named Carolina, the result of an unsuccessful marriage. For some years he has been partnering with a woman named Elisabetta Randolfi. Two children were born from their relationship: Antonio and Maria. The conductor has an official Instagram profile, where he defines himself as a “Tuttologo noientologo”. All of Charlie’s loves find their place in this space: from family to his work, to his passions.

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