age, mental coach, wife, children, the ex Paola Barale, Instagram

age, mental coach, wife, children, the ex Paola Barale, Instagram
age, mental coach, wife, children, the ex Paola Barale, Instagram
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Marco Bellavia’s private and professional life: from age to work, from Bim Bum Bam to mental coaching. We read everything there is to know about him: from children’s TV to instagram, from Paola Barale to his son, from Cristina D’Avena to Stranamore. Until participation in the Big Brother VIP 7, departing on September 19, 2022 on Canale 5.

Age, origins, studies, work

Marco Bellavia was born in Milan on December 9, 1964. After completing his scientific high school diploma, he enrolled at the University of Milan to follow the degree course in Geological Sciences and, at the same time, began to work as a model. Leaving the University after three years, he focuses his efforts on the entertainment world.

Marco Bellavia on TV

Marco Bellavia’s television debut took place in 1986, when he played the role of Steve in the television series “Love Me Licia” with Cristina D’Avena. He then resumes his character also for some sequels and spin-offs of the series: “Licia dolce Licia” (1987), “Let’s dance and sing with Licia” (1988), “Arriva Cristina” (1988), “Cristina” (1989) and “Cri Cri” (1990). At that point Marco Bellavia becomes one of the reference faces of children’s TV, conducting the famous Italia 1 program “Bim Bum Bam”, from 1990 to 2001. Between 2001 and 2002 he participated in two other well-known Mediaset programs: “Forum ”And, as a correspondent,“ Strangelove ”. He then works for the Gambero Rosso Channel, Telenova and Canale Italia channels. On 19 September 2022 he enters the house of the “Big Brother VIP” as a competitor, a reality show now in its seventh edition.

Private life: Paola Barale, wife, children

Marco Bellavia was the protagonist of an exceptional love story in the 90s: he was a couple, from 1992 to 1995, with the showgirl Paola Barale. Subsequently, the love life of the conductor was very discreet: in 2007 he was born the son of Filippo, the result of his relationship with a woman named Elena. The latter, however, is not part of the entertainment world and the news about her is scarce. In addition to working for television, Marco Bellavia also carries on the activity of mental coach, as evidenced by his official Instagram profile.

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Marco Bellavia on Instagram

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