Irpinia, the Fire Brigade save three kittens and a dog within a few hours

Irpinia, the Fire Brigade save three kittens and a dog within a few hours
Irpinia, the Fire Brigade save three kittens and a dog within a few hours
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in the picture: The recovery of the dog that fell into a hole in Baiano

Four speeches by rescue of animals in distress have kept the Fire Brigade busy Avellino for most of the night between Saturday and Sunday. The firefighters intervened in various areas, both in Avellino and in the province, to save a dog and three catsall in dangerous situations that are difficult to solve without their help.

Kitten stuck on a scaffold in Avellino

The first intervention took place late Saturday evening in Avellino: some passersby reported the presence of a few months old kitten in Piazza Amendolaon a scaffold leaning against the walls of the old Customs House. The men of the Avellino barracks, arrived on the spot, climbed the scaffolding using a ladder and recovered the cat, which was then entrusted to some volunteers.

In Baiano a dog falls into a 6 meter hole

A few hours later another report came from Baiano: in via Mazzini a dog escaped from his pet mate was fell into a hole about six meters deep, in a section closed to traffic due to a construction site. Also in this case the Fire Brigade used a ladder, lowering it into the hole, and managed to reach the animal and bring it back to the surface, entrusting it to the reference human.

Rescued two kittens trapped in the engine compartments of parked cars

The last two interventions took place after midnight ad Atripaldafirst in the municipal car park and then in Via Appia: in both cases the request for help came from people who realized that two kittens were trapped in the hood of two parked cars. The animals had probably sought refuge in the engine with the arrival of colder temperatures, and fortunately the owners of the cars noticed their presence before starting the engine: the recovery was complex, but in the end both kittens were taken. safely and also entrusted to the care of volunteers from local associations.

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