GTA 6 leak: the story gets complicated and Rockstar intervenes

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The sensational leak of information on GTA 6 is enriched with new implications that directly concern teapotuberhacker (now simply Tea Pot), the hacker who had access to the data regarding the new Rockstar title and beyond.

The news comes from the Twitter profile of Tom Hendersona note from the trade press, who shared some updates on the affair, including the conversation between a fake Rockstar employee and the hacker himself.

18 Sep

From this brief exchange of words – you can find it in the tweet just below – we learn that the stolen material includes the Source code and assets of GTA 5 and GTA 6. When asked to prove that they have this data, the hacker invites the employee of Rockstar / Take-Two to consult with his colleagues in the IT department, who – according to Tea Pot – will be able to confirm his words.

According to reports from Tea Pot, the sharing of information has occurred since Rockstar did not contact him with an offerimplying that the company was object of blackmail before the publication of more than 90 videos.

Tea Pot still tried to monetize the fruit of his theft, putting the Source code of GTA 5 (not that of 6) up for sale. not less than 5 zeros, therefore on the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It seems that someone has shown willingness to pay this amount, given that a user made a payment of approximately $ 100,000 in Bitcoinhowever, it seems that the address to which he sent them is not that of Tea Pot, but of another scammer who pretended to be the hacker himself.


He also intervened on the matter Neil Druckmannthe co-president of Naughty Dog, who expressed his closeness to Rockstar colleagues through a tweet posted from his official account.

With his words, Druckmann encourages them to put aside the sadness and frustration of what happened (not literally), two feelings well known to him, since even The Last of Us Part II (here the review) had been at the center of a heavy leak a few weeks after the official launch. On that occasion, material belonging to advanced stages of the game had been stolen and had been used to carry on one smear campaign against the titletaking advantage of the fact that the shared videos could have different interpretations – especially for Abby’s character – in the absence of their correct context.

Even in the case of the leak of GTA 6, the sharing of the material is causing several problems to Rockstar, starting from the criticisms received to the graphics sector of the game. Although it has been confirmed that the build shown is actually very oldthere is even talk of an alpha version of 2017-2018 -, many on social media have begun to attack the title under this aspect, without contextualizing – once again – the real origin of the material that emerged.

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In short, this is a good thing to crack for Rockstar, who will surely be able to change his fans’ minds on the occasion of the official release of the game, but in the meantime we will have to live with the damage caused by the leak. Damage that could also have repercussions in other aspects, such as the fact of having to limit the type of material on which it is possible to work remotely, in order to reduce the risk of further information leaks. This element alone could be enough to produce further delays.



Rockstar broke the silence and posted a message on social media with which confirms that he has suffered an attack which led to the illegal stealing of material related to the upcoming GTA. Beyond that, Rockstar also reported that there will be no suspensions related to Rockstar’s online titles for the time being and that the incident will not impact development in the long run. The complete press release is as follows:

We recently experienced an intrusion into our network that was accessed by an unauthorized third-party element and illegally downloaded confidential information from our systems, including footage of the upcoming GTA in still embryonic development. We currently do not expect any disruption to our online gaming services and we do not expect this to have any long-term effects on any of the active projects.

However, we are very disappointed that sharing the details of our game happened this way. Our work on the next GTA will continue as planned and we remain committed to bringing you an experience that will exceed your expectations. We will update you soon and, of course, we will introduce the game to you as soon as it is ready. We want to thank everyone who has offered us support in this situation.

In short, it seems that GTA 6 will not be delayed due to this, however it is clear that something will change in the short term, as Rockstar explicitly mentions the effects in the long run. It probably didn’t end there.

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