Plastic kills Covid-19 virus: new self-sterilizing material

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A research team from Queen’s University Belfast has allegedly developed a self-sterilizing plastic that can also act against various viruses, including Covid-19. To carry out this task the presence of nanoparticles in titanium dioxide.

According to research developed by some scientists of the Queen’s University of Belfast, a very special material could soon be put on the market. It’s about a plastic self-sterilizing able, that is, to eliminate several virus.

The fact that this special plastic could also destroy the COVID-19. A potential developed thanks to the presence of dioxide of titanium of which the material would be supplied.

Plastic that kills viruses

The official website of the Queen’s University of Belfast reveals some details of the study just completed. This new plastic film, in addition to being able to kill viruses (including Covid), also results economic. As experts reveal, this material could be used for the productions of clothing protective items, such as disposable aprons, tablecloths or curtains. In fact, as research has shown, this self-sterilizing plastic could kill millions of viruses and even ‘strong’ species that generally resist on clothing and other surfaces. A team of chemists And virologists which studied self-sterilizing materials that reduce the risk that contaminated surfaces could spread infections.

The study was born from the idea of ​​creating a material that could be hostile to a virus and prevent it from surviving. From the first analyzes carried out, it was shown that the copper metallic kills microbes on contact, but was not particularly flexible. At this point, researchers from Queen’s University in Belfast thought of using plastic sheets containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles. The latter, in fact, react with the light ultraviolet, even to the small amounts released by a fluorescent lamp. After the reaction the dioxide nanoparticles release molecules called reactive species oxygen; these kill viruses including SARS2. Also, the technology used to create the film makes it degradableunlike other disposable plastic films.

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An advantage for society

The research, published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biologywas conducted by Professor Andrew Mills who, as stated on the official website of the University, would have declared: “This film could replace many of the disposable plastic films used in the healthcare industry as it has the added value of being self-sterilizing at no additional cost. Through rigorous testing we have found that it is effective in killing viruses with room light alone. This is the first time where something similar develops and we hope it will be a huge benefit to society“.

plastic against Covid
@Credits Queen’s University Belfast official site

Basically, in fact, it would be an invention capable of enormously limiting the transmission of infectious viruses such as COVID-19. And, an aspect not to be underestimated, it would also be a material sustainable and therefore respectful of the environment. A self-sterilizing plastic, but without additional costs compared to the classic material. (Here the link to the study).

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