Lazio, yet another stroke of genius from the bench. The Magician still enchants

Lazio, yet another stroke of genius from the bench. The Magician still enchants
Lazio, yet another stroke of genius from the bench. The Magician still enchants
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He started off the bench to make room for the Vecino balancer. Luis Alberto enters the second half but enchants “Zini” with yet another magic

The balancer and the playmaker; Sarri often has to choose the two sides of the same coin for the midfield. On one side Vecinoconcrete and practical man useful for the physicality of the department, on the other hand Luis Alberto incarnation of the “folie“of the French. After the debacle in Denmark Sarri prefers the Uruguayan from the first minute. With Milinkovic to give inspiration to the midfield of Lazio, the former Inter 5 often gives support to Cataldi in the defensive phase and accompanies the Biancoceleste offensive with intelligence. Luis Alberto watch from the bench the perfect first half of his teammates, eager to come in and help out. The Magician is well aware of the situation regarding its employment; he said it clearly and would prefer to always play from the first minute but now the team has been put before his desire for the pitch. A character growth for a player who has very little to learn on the pitch.

In the second half, Lazio controls the game after the clear 0-3 of the first half. However, the team does not make the most of the opportunities; Sarri’s thought is clear and what he sees is a Lazio that perhaps jokes too much with luck as happened in the last twenty minutes against Feyenoord. The coach throws the Spaniard ten into the fray who at the 79th minute pulls yet another rabbit out of the hat: amazing heel strike to throw Property who serves Pedro for the 0-4 final. Yet another demonstration of how much, at low rates, the genius of diez it is always helpful to the cause.

Public opinion was unleashed after Sarri’s post-Midtjylland statements. The search for the germ like a witch hunt. Although never made explicit by Sarri about Luis Alberto, the shadows of a never idyllic relationship with the coach had been thrown. The Magician let it go and sweeps away the words with the best of vaccines. It has been, is and will long be a cross and delight of this team but what is certain is that the “madness” of the ten is essential in this Lazio.

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