Father Claudio Santoro and “A dream that continues” on the Palatine

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On September 18, 2022 hundreds of people, relatives, friends, parishioners, acquaintances went up to the historic garden of the Convent of San Bonaventura al Palatino to participate in the event “Father Claudio Santoro: a dream that continues” dedicated to a figure of great humanity who continues to live among the people.

An event prepared to perfection for months by Father Carlo Cavatton who replaced Father Claudio in the management of the Lodovico Pavoni Family House, by Fabio Palladino, creator and organizer of the event, with the collaboration of Clara Santini co-founder and her collaborator in the management of the Family Home.

Representing the V Municipality of Rome Capital the President Mauro Caliste who spoke with emotion of his closeness to the priest. Present faithful from the Parish of San Barnaba di Torpignattere where Father Claudio exercised his priestly service and Associations including the Amici del Sei del Prenestino Doc led by Ofelia del Duca.

The event “A continuous dream” started at 4.00 pm with the presentation of the historians Luciano Sciandra and Olga Di Cagno Archaeologist and tour guide, who made those present appreciate the place that hosted the commemoration of a charismatic figure, remembered by all for his relentless and humble commitment to children and families in need.

Father Claudio Santoro in the 80s in Rome worked in a reality characterized by strong social problems, the current V Municipality enclosed between the streets Prenestina, Casilina, Tuscolana. In this quadrant, he founded the Lodovico Pavoni Family House Association, which in a short time became a reception facility, a center for youth aggregation, a place to establish positive social relationships and find oneself as if in a family.

Famous is the pitch still very popular even today where many young people have passed, who then from adults have become important people including for example the President Mauro Caliste, who met and supported with his friendship and appreciated the work of Father Claudio Santoro and today he is planning concrete initiatives to remember this fervent figure of “extraordinary man, of rare humanity” as he defined him at the end of his moving speech.

Fabio Paladino, creator of the event, reported, moved, to the public: “I have always had a guide with me, that of Father Claudio, I would not have been able to organize this event without his inspiration”.

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The intervention of Father Carlo Cavatton (Legal Representative of the Lodovico Pavoni Family Home Association) was also touching, speaking of his predecessor. Father Carlo reported to those present a sentence he uttered in regard to him if already as he already predicted that he would continue to manage his favorite creature, the Lodovico Pavoni Family House.

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Clara Santini (co-founder of the Lodovico Pavoni Family House Association) a tangible sign of the continuity in the territory of all the activities born through the benevolence and industriousness of Father Claudio Santoro, formerly Deputy Parish Priest of San Barnaba Apostolo. In addition to telling some anecdotes regarding Fr Claudio, he gave the representatives of his native country who arrived in Rome for the event the white cassock worn by Father Claudio on the day of his Consecration to God. Clara expressed herself in this at the moment of delivery. way: this dress has remained with us in Rome for 40 years, it is right that from today you keep it for any eventuality that in the future God will want to reserve for Father Claudio.

Important people took part in the initiative on 18 September: the sports champion Francesco Candela, Antonio Gaetano Palladino (President of the Generations and Future APS Association), Francesco Pastorella (Director Sustainability & Community Relations Department AS Roma), Barbara Funari (Councilor for Social Policies and to the Health of the Municipality of Roma Capitale (, Luigi Berlusconi (mayor Lurago Marinone).

From 18.00 the artists performed on the stage set up in the ancient courtyard with an extraordinary view of ancient Rome: the singer-songwriter Stefano Borgia; the Ukrainian singer Oksana Mukhha; the Heart Gospel in Music choir, directed by vocal coach Johanna Pezone. The event was led by Nicolò Carosi. The evening event was dedicated to Mia Mertini. The artistic direction has been entrusted to Michele Vitello, well-known director and event organizer.

The event did not miss a delicious refreshment, prepared by the Corsetti firm in Piazza Roberto Malatesta in Rome.

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