How much the price of bread has risen with the war

How much the price of bread has risen with the war
How much the price of bread has risen with the war
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According to Coldiretti, the price of bread has risen tenfold: the cause lies, once again, in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

If once upon a time, in a time of economic hardship, one could at least rely on the possibility of moving forward “bread and water », today we cannot even hope for this. In 2022, with the war in Ukraine and the grain stuck in ports for months, bread has almost become a luxury item.

Because of the armed conflict, in fact, bread in the EU has become more expensive than ever. In August, as reported by Eurostatthe price of bread in the Union, on average, it rose by 18% compared to 2021, a huge increase, given that in August 2021 it was ‘only’ 3% higher than in August 2020. The primary cause of the expensive bread is the war in Ukraine, explains the statistical institute, given that both Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of cereals. Some countries were more affected than others by the increase in bread prices: the most significant increase was recorded last August in Hungary (+ 66% compared to August 2021), followed by Lithuania (+ 33%), Estonia and Slovakia ( both + 32%). By contrast, the increases were less pronounced in France (+ 8%), the Netherlands and Luxembourg (+ 10% both).

According to Assoutenti, to lower the price of food such as bread, urgent action is needed to cut VAT on basic necessities, starting with food.

“For months we have been denouncing how food prices have reached unsustainable levels in Italy – explains President Furio Truzzi – An alarm also confirmed by Istat which in August recorded an inflation of + 10.5% for the ‘food’ item. This is equivalent to a higher annual expense, just for food, equal to 786 euros for a family with two children ».

“The Eurostat report once again confirms the need for government interventions in terms of the prices of basic necessities, starting with a cut in VAT on food, in order to allow families to put food in table without suffering a bloodletting », concludes Truzzi.

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The appeal also joins the Codacons who specifies that “other products are also affected by the war in progress: this is the case of pasta, whose prices, according to the latest Istat data, increased in Italy by + 25.8% in August, while seed oil recorded an increase of + 62.2% and flour rises on average by + 23% – analyzes the association. Considering the annual expenditure of families, in 2022 a core of 4 people will find themselves spending 175 euros more only on bread and cereals than last year, precisely because of the heavy increases in retail price lists ”concludes Codacons.

From wheat to bread, prices rise more than tenfold due to the record increases in energy, feed and fertilizer prices unleashed by the war in Ukraine and the distortions within the supply chains that impoverish citizens’ pockets and damage farmers, Coldiretti denounces.

A kilo of wheat is paid today to farmers around 36 cents and is used to produce a kilo of bread that is sold to consumers at prices ranging from 3 to 5 euros depending on the city, according to Coldiretti. The incidence of the cost of wheat on the price of bread therefore remains marginal at about 10% on average, as demonstrated by the extreme variability of retail prices along the Peninsula, while those of wheat are directly influenced by international prices. If in Milan a loaf of one kilo costs € 4.46, in Rome it costs € 2.92, in Bologna it costs € 4.91, while in Palermo it costs an average of € 3.89 per kilo, in Naples 2 , 16 euros, according to Coldiretti elaborations on data from the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development in July.

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