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SENT TO MONZA – Not even remotely noticeable a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel into which it entered Juventus in September, after the encouraging signs of August. From the feral tumble in the Champions League with Benfica to a fool in Monza: in four days the Juventus world collapsed and usually, in these cases, the coach is the one who pays the price. Regardless of strategies and more or less technical considerations, the objective fact is that the fans are no longer with Massimiliano Allegri: the hashtag allegriout is the trend of the moment on the web, the Juventus people at the UPower Stadium were merciless in their whistles to the team, but they also have it with the technician and in general the feeling, by the Juventus supporters, that the helmsman is no longer able to straighten the course is spreading more and more in public opinion. And even the cheerleaders are beginning to have some doubts, legitimate if only because the team seemed unglued, without backbone, apathetic, at the mercy of events and in disarmament. Certainly we have not seen a Juve ready to react, with foaming in the mouth as might have been expected after the heavy slip on Wednesday.
But we don’t give up – is the message that Marco Landucci send urbi et orbi, in place of Max Allegri who immediately left the grandstand, without meeting anyone -. Now we need facts, not words. We suffered the blow on Wednesday and Di Maria’s expulsion conditioned the game“. The coaching staff, therefore, does not give up, but something must be done because we cannot go on like this: Juventus have one point less than last year after 7 days of the championship and have half a foot out in the Champions League.

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Monza-Juve, Allegri on the phone in the stands during the match

Allegri in the stands

Yesterday Conte Max suffered in the stands, inside the “aquarium” of the UPower Stadium in Monza: he looked like a lion in a cage, not without moments of nervousness, as when he was expelled Of Maria. Not to mention the gesture of disappointment at the time of the network Gytkjaer which sent the bianconeri into a tailspin: with the match analyst at his side, Allegri watched with despair the last, sterile minutes, before taking the way out of the stadium.
The mister Allegri – Landucci explained – he couldn’t go into the locker room and I haven’t seen him yet. Unmotivated footballers? No, the group has always been healthy: it is clear that the absence of important players is felt, but we must not find excuses, we must keep our heads up. There are no problems with anyone: when some fundamental elements are missing, you feel the lack but it should not be an excuse. We have to do better, not find excuses. Problems can be solved: we need to do better and we will. I would not like to be repetitive but on this occasion we cannot say otherwise: we must all do better. Now everything looks black, we need to rediscover the blue. Unfortunately, the stop arrives at the wrong time“.

Juve under the curve: apologies to the fans after the Monza knockout

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Juve under the curve: apologies to the fans after the Monza knockout

Arrivabene’s words

Yes, finding oneself is the most suitable verb. But if before the game the ad Maurizio Arrivabene he had said that the exemption “would be madness”, after the defeat with the one that was the last in the standings the certainties seriously begin to wobble. The fans can’t take it anymore, in fact Landucci spreads his arms and can not help but take note of the dispute: “When you lose, that’s it, the fans rightly contest. Nobody is happy, not just the public, the moment is difficult. We have to shut up and work. Juve must certainly do better. Arrivabene said very well before the game: we are all responsible, and together we have to get out of it. Staying united after the victories is easy, you have to do the facts now. Monza held the territorial dominance of the match, we must do better but it must be added that the expulsion conditioned the game. Angel was harassed, he fell for it. Izzo uses these tactics, he reacted and they tell me that the expulsion was right. Talking is useless, we have to react through work“. Before it’s too late.

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Juve at football lessons from Monza: bianconeri in disarmament. And now?

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Juve at football lessons from Monza: bianconeri in disarmament. And now?

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