Peace, environment and global future, the ninth world conference of Community Psychology in Naples

Peace, environment and global future, the ninth world conference of Community Psychology in Naples
Peace, environment and global future, the ninth world conference of Community Psychology in Naples
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It will be held in Naples the IX world conference of community psychology – 9ICCP. Psychologists from 45 countries around the world will participate to discuss «Community regeneration. Bridges and links between people and the environment ». The event, which will take place from 21 to 24 September at the Federiciano Congress Center in via Partenope, is organized by the Community Psychology lab of the Federico II University of Naples, directed by the professor Catherine the Archdeaconchair woman of the event, in collaboration with the network of Italian universities active in the subject, the SIPCO – Italian Society of Community Psychology, the National Order of Psychologists and the European Society of Community Psychology – ECPA.

The keynotes will investigate the contribution of psychology to Peace, the Environment and the Global Future.

«The aim is to discuss how community psychology intervenes to face the threats of insecurity and the risk of war and climate disasters. The balance between humanity and the planet is broken. A collective awareness of what is happening and at the same time the need not to lose hope in the future is urgently needed – explains Caterina Arcidiacono -. We have three special sessions dedicated to what psychology can do for peace, trust and the environment. The goal is ambitious and we have invited the global thinker Miguel Benasayag, to speak on the issue of the threats to which contemporary society is exposed and how to try to cope with them. Christoph Steinebach President of the European Society of Psychology (EFPA), the President of the National Order of Psychologists David Lazzari and the Director of IRISS CNR, Massimo Clemente with Alicia Rodriguez of the University of the Republic of Montevideo will illustrate possible strategies and projects to develop resilience in collective contexts. To identify actions to be promoted to respond to the sense of mistrust, helplessness and insecurity that characterizes the life of our days ».

The works, which will be held in hybrid form, online and in person, will address the themes of community psychology in a global scenario. In addition to speeches and debates, many initiatives are planned. Among the many, Community psychology lab and Aurora project of the Federico II University together with Officine San Carlo Vigliena propose, on Friday 23, a self-expressive performance entitled Quality of life: environment, sea, earth and wellbeing with the collaboration of Psy-com and of the Coffee-Brecht company under the guidance of the professor Marco Biondi. An experience of theatrical improvisation aimed at developing awareness among those present on the needs of the earth and possible intervention strategies. It is a working method carried out by community psychology and by a new form of interactive teaching that the Federico II University pursues with the international Aurora project. While on Saturday 24, under the patronage of the Council of Europe, the conference attendees will take part in a heritage walk at Molo San Vincenzo, another initiative that sees Federico II as the protagonist of a process of promoting urban development.

Wednesday 21 September, at 5 pm, in the Aula Magna of the Congress Center in via Partenope, the rector of the University of Naples Federico II will open the meeting, Matteo Lorito with the Director of the Department of Humanities, Andrea Mazzucchitogether with the president of the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA), Christoph Steinebach, the president of the National Order of Psychologists, David Lazzarithe president of the Italian association of psychology (AIP), Holy Againthe president of the Society for Research and Community Intervention (SCRA), Ivette Floresthe president of the Italian Society of Community Psychology (SIPC0), Fortuna Procentese, and the president of the third sector association, PSY-COM, Gabriella Ferrari Bravo. A first intervention will be by Professor Christopher Sonn, organizer of the ICCP in Melbourne in 2020, which will pass the baton from Australia to Italy. This will be followed by an introductory video presentation made thanks to the collaboration of all the participants who sent informative materials on the action of community psychology in their countries. Professor Caterina Arcidiacono will introduce the works.


A special session will be dedicated to peace with the contribution of Brad Olson and of Serdar Degirmencioglu (APA Award for Peace Promotion). It will be present in video connection Gert Sommer, a peace psychologist at the University of Marburg. Discussant Raffaella Chiodi Karpinsky, freelance journalist, peace watcher. Ukrainian psychologists active for peace will participate.

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The theme of the environment will be presented by Amanda Clintoninternational referent for the environment of the American society of psychology (APA), discussant Bill Mebane(environmental expert, activist), Maria Fernandes Jesus (UK activist psychologist).

Miguel Benasayag, the Argentine psychoanalyst author of the «Sad Passions», will open a dialogue on contemporary threats to individual and social life and how to deal with them. It introduces the jobs Elena Marta of the Catholic University. They will participate Florencia Gonzalez Leone (Argentina).

The works will address the themes of community psychology in a world scenario with a round table coordinated by Donata Francescato which will be repeated according to the different time zones, starting with a first evening session (organized to acquire Australia’s online presence) which will take place at Concettina alla Sanità.

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