five people stranded in Bari, including a minor

five people stranded in Bari, including a minor
five people stranded in Bari, including a minor
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They allegedly lured a 35-year-old into the basement of a bar in the San Paolo district of Bari, then hit him with a brass knuckle and shot him with a gun in the right leg, seriously injuring him: five people, including a minor, were blocked by the Carabinieri in Bari. The accusations, for various reasons, are of concurrence in serious personal injury, aiding and abetting, carrying and possession of a common firearm, with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method.

The military carried out a decree of arrest of a suspect of crime, issued in recent days by the Dda of Bari against 2 people and an order of precautionary custody, issued by the Gip of the Juvenile Court of Bari, upon request of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, against a minor. In the morning today, however, the military has tracked down and detained 2 other people hitherto untraceable.

According to the indictment, on the evening of August 22, the five (including two brothers aged 27 and 20, the 35-year-old sister, the 55-year-old mother and a 17-year-old minor), would have attracted a 35-year-old believed to be a prominent member of the clan They crawl, to their rival, within the commercial activity, during a time that is open to the public, and then seriously injure him and erase the traces of the ambush by washing the floor. The episode, for the investigators, would fall within the context of the clash between opposing criminal factions, also for the management of illicit affairs in the San Paolo district.

The evidence collected by the Carabinieri against the suspects was shared by the Dda, which issued the arrest order against the four adults, as well as by the Prosecutor’s Office for minors, which made a request for the issue of a precautionary measure against the minor, accepted by the investigating judge of the Juvenile Court of Bari, who ordered the placement in the community. The ambush bar was seized: during the checks, a 9-caliber pistol with an abraded serial number was found in the availability of the minor.

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