Qberg; retail prices and promotional strategies for Back to school

Qberg; retail prices and promotional strategies for Back to school
Qberg; retail prices and promotional strategies for Back to school
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On the occasion of Back to school 2022, QBerg, the Italian Research Institute in price intelligence services and cross-channel assortment strategies (flyers, physical stores, e-commerce and newsletters), analyzed the promotional offers of 8 categories of the light bazaar belonging to the office / stationery world, to highlight whether the effects of inflation have changed the strategies implemented by hypermarkets and supermarkets in defining their promotional offers in 2022.

Thanks to the data in the QPoint Flyer database, promotions and flyer offers for school containers, products for writing, drawing and art, notebooks, covers, planning, document filing, office and home products were analyzed.

Promotional pressure has increased but not for all product categories. The Qp3 value (indicator of the promotional intensity) of the Back to school products in July and August 2022 reveals that the products with the greatest promotional intensity were, as a whole, the school containers, followed by those for writing, drawing and art and notebooks, sheets and covers.

In general, it can be stated that: supermarkets, with the exception of school containers, recorded higher promotional intensity scores than hypermarkets in flyer promotions of Back to school 2022 products, therefore more offers and lower average prices; the promotional intensity for school containers (about 12% in both channels), for writing products (+ 8% for hypermarket and + 12% for supermarkets) and for document archiving products (+9 % for hypermarket and + 6% for supermarkets); more differentiated, on the other hand, the increases for notebooks, sheets and covers in the hypermarkets which this year saw the promotional intensity increase by 29 percentage points, against + 7% for supermarkets; on the other hand, the promotional pressure for planning diaries (18% for supermarkets and 11% for hypermarkets) and for other office / stationery products (scissors, adhesives, etc.) decreased by 17% for hypermarket and 7% for supermarkets. in the area of ​​products for design and art, divergent promotional behaviors are noted: the promotional intensity in supermarkets is growing (+ 7%), while it falls in the hypermarket (-4%).

The Back to school of 2022 highlights a substantial similarity in the number of brands offered by hypermarket and supermarkets, with the exception of office and home products (glue and adhesive tape, first of all) for which there is a higher presence of brands in supermarkets (39 brands vs. 28 in hypermarket).

Trend substantially confirmed also by the comparison with the 2021 data: both supermarkets and hypermarkets have reduced the presence of brands in the field of writing (about -5% for both) of design and art (-13% for supermarkets and -7% for hypermarket) and document archiving (-15% for hypermarket and -27% for supermarkets); both channels increased the presence of brands in their notebooks (+ 6% hypermarket and + 3% supermarket).

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However, hypermarkets and supermarkets recorded antithetical choices regarding the remaining product categories. The hypermarkets have left the number of brands of planning products unchanged and those present in the office home categories decreased (-6%) and that of other products (-4%); supermarkets offer the same number of brands for other products, the presence in planning has decreased by 15% and that of brands in office and home products has increased by 19%.

The two channels of large-scale distribution, while recording a substantial similarity in the overall number of promotional references proposed, in both cases carried out a rationalization of the offers, however carried out in different ways than hypermarket and supermarkets: supermarkets have reduced the unique references in all of them. product categories (with the exception of notebooks, sheets and covers) and to a greater extent than hypermarket; both channels in 2022 reduced the presence of unique promotional references for document archiving (-24% for both channels), design and art (-10% for hypermarket and -21% for supermarkets), others products (-13% for supermarkets and -7% for hypermarket) and also school containers (-5% hypermarket and -9% supermarkets); contrasting, although substantially stable, the proposals for office and home products (+ 3% for hypermarket and -1% for supermarkets); proposals for home office (-1%) and writing (-5%) decreased for supermarkets; the hypermarket, on the other hand, slightly increased the presence for the home office + 3% and writing + 4% and in a marked manner the unique references of notebooks, sheets and covers with a good + 19%.

The average promotional prices in hypermarkets are, with the exception of products in the planning category, significantly higher than those offered by supermarkets, on average around 10-12% more.

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