Coronavirus latest news. Milan Order: “500 unvaccinated doctors suspended, now down to over 300”

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“In Milan about 500 doctors have been suspended” for failing to comply with the anti-Covid vaccination obligation “out of a total of 26 thousand members of the Order. In the files that arrive from the ministry, where there are often elements to be verified, greater numbers of reports arrive, we travel around 1,800. But after the checks, we actually got to around 500. And of these, around 150 returned to service. or because they got the vaccine or because they have the exemption and so on. At home, therefore, we can say that today there are more or less 300 “of white coats” suspended completely. While there are 6-7 pending causes for reinstatement ”.

To provide an update on the suspension of doctors not vaccinated against Covid with regard to the Order of Doctors of Milan is the president Roberto Carlo Rossi. “There is no prevalent category among the suspended,” he observes. From hospitals to freelancers, “there is a transversal presence. The numbers are low compared to the total number of subscribers, even if I was surprised anyway, because I thought they were even less ”, admits Rossi. “The doctor expects him to always be convinced of vaccinations”.


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In Veneto 677 new infections and two deaths

In the last 24 hours there have been 677 new cases of Covid-19 in Veneto for a total of 3.4760 cases currently positive, the victims were 2, for a total of 15,444. This is what emerges from the Region’s bulletin. The total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic is 2,234,743. Inpatients drop by 4 for a total of 472 while intensive care units increase by 3 with a total of 21 inpatients.

Abruzzo: 261 new cases and one death, 591 recovered

There are 261 positive cases of Covid recorded today in Abruzzo, bringing the total from the beginning of the emergency – net of realignments – to 550,278. The death toll records a new case (an 81-year-old) and rises to 3,657. The number of positive cases also includes 518,916 discharged / healed (+591 compared to yesterday). This was communicated by the Regional Health Department specifying that the currently positive in Abruzzo are 27,705 (-331 compared to yesterday).


The dots are: daily cases of the day / daily cases of the same day of the previous week. The curve represents the 7-day moving average. If the data is greater than 1 it means that the infections are growing

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Sardinia, 222 new cases and two deaths

In Sardinia there are now 222 additional confirmed cases of Covid positivity (of which 191 diagnosed with antigenic swab). A total of 1,020 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic. There are 7 patients admitted to intensive care units (like yesterday), 74 patients (+7) hospitalized in the medical area, while 4343 cases of home isolation (-406). The death of two men aged 80 and 85, residing in the province of Oristano, is recorded. This was announced by the Sardinia Region

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