The cardinal parish priest and the fraternity

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GiProietti – 19 September 2022

Cardinal Zuppi told the FNEC (National Festival of Civil Economy) 22 in Florence that without FRATERNITY there is no society, no economy, no subsidiarity …
We must not go for sympathy or empathy, for various affinities or closeness, but only for fraternity.
“If not, what are we talking about?”

There are no economic theories, models, strategies that hold.
Fraternity is needed, a necessary and perhaps sufficient condition.
So I started to think about how many people I relate to, how many friends, not only on fb, I hang out with, with how many I am passionate about discussing and hoping, with how many I would want to drown them in a just indifference and also … more.
No! I have to review everything, I have to forget my original sin of being an only child, I have to apply what the great Zuppi says, who is right, I feel it, I can read it in his eyes as a “better” man.

1. A nuisance of a neighbor, a butcher, who in condominium meetings contests me on every technical proposal I make without motivation: we are brothers.
2. Colleague from the East, who puts the interest of your undemocratic government before the scientific and objective considerations that your profession imposes on you, I stop sending you in your language to… make you a snack and I embrace you as a brother.
3. Old acquaintance, already a childhood friend, who, with your frankly inadequate posts, show more and more that you have confused ideas about all the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, courage, in which we believed so much: you are selling yourself for a little, keep a family , but I cannot ban you: we are brothers and it is the only possible way to improve the situation …
3. Friend reading my long and boring posts, you don’t have to get mad. Zuppi invites us to be brothers, be patient, tell me that you can read what I write, that maybe you don’t share it for certain reasons, but… calm down, we must be brothers.


It all sounds like a joke, but perhaps what the Cardinal, who looks like a real parish priest, says is the only serious thing, which has all the air of surviving every transition, energy and political crisis.
Even to our obvious limits.
Good night, brothers.

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