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“Food prices up 10%, zero km agricultural markets are still winning” –

“Food prices up 10%, zero km agricultural markets are still winning” –
“Food prices up 10%, zero km agricultural markets are still winning” –
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Expensive energy and drought push the prices of agri-food products, which mark an overall average increase of + 10.6%, reducing the purchasing power of citizens so much that, according to a survey conducted by Coldiretti, more than one in two consumers ( 51%) cut shopping in their cart; another 18% of citizens declare that they have reduced the quality of purchases, forced to move towards low cost products to make it to the end of the month, while 31% have not changed their spending habits.

In order not to give up on bringing quality to the table, it becomes essential for citizens – he highlights Coldiretti Cuneo – to be able to rely on the direct sales of Campagna Amica farmers who, in the company sales points or in the markets, offer seasonal, fresh and genuine products, without any commercial or logistical intermediation that would raise prices for the final consumer.

Confirming the success of direct sales is the extraordinary boom recorded over the weekend just passed in Bra’swhere thousands of people from Bra and tourists were able to meet the Piedmontese farmers of the companies in the city center Friendly Campaignconverse with them, ask for advice and make conscious purchases of carefully selected products, at fair prices, under the traditional yellow gazebos.

“Direct selling in farmers’ markets is not only a new agricultural model but also a lever to empower and drive the supply chain towards the values ​​of transparency, the enhancement of territorial origin and local product, conscious consumption and the fight against waste, even more so in such a delicate historical moment “declares the president of Coldiretti Cuneo Enrico Nada.

At Bra’s Coldiretti celebrated the Km zero, the genuineness and passion of a peasant world attentive to quality and the environment, proposing a series of very popular events.


The round table with cooking show of the peasant cook Stefania Grandinettipresident of the farmhouses Campagna Amica del Piemontetold a flagship product of the Made in Cuneo agri-food industry, Piedmontese beefenhancing the peculiarities from breeding to cuts and the nutritional value in a healthy and balanced diet. “An appointment that, thanks to the intervention of distinguished experts, provided correct information against fake news on the consumption of red meat, to spread conscious food choices to protect the health of consumers, as well as a crucial sector of our animal husbandry, with a very long tradition but today in crisis due to price increases and market speculation, explains Fabiano PorcuDirector of Coldiretti Cuneo, who moderated the speakers, the university professor Luca Maria Church the dietician Giulia Cerutti.

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Finally, the Campagna Amica tasting of 100% Italian bubbles and the activities on honey and cheeses carried out by the educational farms of Campagna Amica, carried out with the contribution of the Crc Foundation, were very popular opportunities for discovery and fun for young and old.

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