“I know their lawyers well, nothing is left to chance”

“I know their lawyers well, nothing is left to chance”
“I know their lawyers well, nothing is left to chance”
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He always plays in Serie A, he moves across the board, and when he falls – and in recent years there have been flops (the most recent Game of Games – Gioco Loco on Rai2 in 2021 and Last stop on Canale 5 last spring) – does not make a turn: he gets up and starts again. Like it or not, Simona Ventura, at the age of 57, is – despite everything – still one of the great protagonists of Italian TV. Today, at 11.15, you are back on Rai2 with a summary episode of the first season of Citofonare Rai2, which will start again in earnest next Sunday. Always at the same time, always on the same channel, and always with Paola Perego by her side.

Her son Niccolò, 24, has just had the same crown tattooed on her back with the English inscription Remember who you are. How does a TV queen like her share the throne with a colleague? Have you forgotten who you are?
«Ahahahah … but which queen? I have never even been a general, if anything a soldier ».

Totti and Ilary, Cristiano Iovino, the alleged “lover” of the presenter, speaks for the first time: “We hardly know each other, no more lies”

Come on, the low profile doesn’t really belong to her.
«But that’s it, I swear. I have never sinned of arrogance or arrogance. I had that crown tattooed to remind myself, in a bad period of my life, that only I was the architect of my destiny. I am humbler than I seem: this is why I have worked on all networks, with all managers, with all governments. Making plays ».

A little less lately.
“Happens. For sure I have always given my best. Paola and I have not been friends for a lifetime, only since 2017, but since then we have been looking for an opportunity to work together. We found her and now I can say that I like sharing space with her. For me it is a new thing ».

Precisely. How does a prima donna like her reschedule when she has to share?
«When two intelligent prima donnas meet …».

Do they bite their tongues and do Zen exercises?
«We have 75 years of career behind us: I 35, she 40 … We have a different way of conducting, but also many things in common. And we love each other ».

“Yup. And for me it is also a happy and creative moment. I’m finishing up my second documentary as a director (the first is The 7 Days of Bergamo, on the Covid-19 emergency, ed): it’s called A Subito. The last hundred days of Marco Pannella and is dedicated to the radical leader ».

Excuse me, but what do you have to do with Pannella?
«Today remembering a freedom fighter like Pannella I think is a breath of fresh air for everyone, even for the youngest. The author of the story is Giovanni Terzi, my partner (journalist, former Forza Italia councilor for Productive Activities of the Municipality of Milan and before that for Sport and leisure, ed), and when I read it I fell in love with the story of him. In practice, I edited the unpublished images of Marco shot in his last months of life by the assistant Matteo Angioli and by Laura Harth, his historical partner ».

What surprised you the most?
“Often the battles he waged weren’t his. For example, he did not smoke joints despite having always fought for the liberalization of soft drugs (Pannella in 1975 was arrested in Rome for smoking a joint, ed) ».

Have you ever smoked them?
“Yes, years ago. I tried, threw up right away, and then fell asleep. It wasn’t much of a buzz. ‘

Isn’t working as a couple with your partner too much?
“No. After being a virago for years, having always done everything alone, it’s nice to have common experiences ».

Does she remarry or not?
“Yes soon”.

How is he?
«In 2020 he discovered that he has a serious genetic lung disease, amiopathic dermatomyositis. You can’t heal it, just stop it from getting worse. The therapy is going well, we are confident ».

For at least twenty years she has been saying she is ready to lead a TV network: after the elections in Rai the entire management will change, do you want to launch an appeal?
“I’ve been working on my social channels for years, I don’t know what to hope for. Rai directors change at the speed of light ».

So you don’t care?
“Not for now. I still want to be on video ».

What do you think of Chiara Ferragni, who will animate the first and last evening in Sanremo 2023? Will it hurt?
“I do not believe. She is very smart and asked me for advice on what to do and how to be on that stage. I am her television reference point ».

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Have you met before? What did you tell each other?
“Yes, of course. And we will do it in the future too. She came to my office and I showed her a few things. I made myself available to you. Chiara made the right choice at the right time. Rai had been asking her to go to Sanremo for four years … ».

Did he ask you for advice before accepting the offer?
“No, after saying yes.”

The most important tip he has given you so far?
“Being herself. It is the most famous Italian in the world and Sanremo is the most popular and important stage in Italy. Whatever happens, it will be a success for you. “

You know something: how is it that marriages with footballers hardly ever work? The reference, of course, is to the Totti-Blasi couple.
«Of course, I have already given. They do not last because the world is increasingly in a hurry and the stresses are so many. And if you go at different speeds, you get bored even more easily ».

You know them well, right?
“Yes, of course. For many years”.

Would he ever have said it would end like this? With Rolexes and bags …
“I also know their lawyers well, Annamaria Bernardini de Pace – who today protects Totti and in 2008 defended me when I divorced Stefano Bettarini – and Alessandro Simeone – who represents Ilary and has looked after my professional interests for ten years – so I don’t I would unbalance ».

What do you mean?
“The two are anything but reckless. Their every move is very well thought out and I don’t feel like saying a single word: who knows what’s behind this story? What really happened? ‘

By the way, on September 6 he posted an interview with Totti in 2008 in which he confessed to having had night sex in a telephone booth in Rome. What did he mean: has Totti always been like this, nothing new?
“I just wanted to make it clear how once everything was more spontaneous, while today everything is suffocated by politically correct”.

Why do they call everyone on the jury at Sky’s X Factor except you?
“I did it for five years and it went well. I never go back to the past ».

Do you always invest your money in houses? Luciana Littizzetto is twenty-two, Alba Parietti ten: her?
«Lucky them. I less ».

Has it closed with restaurants?
“Forever. That’s the only thing that really went wrong for me. ‘

Is it true that in the past, dressed as Giorgio Armani, all hell broke out after changing her clothes?
“Yup. At the time of Seriously I had some dresses cut too long for me. After so many years Giorgio, whom I adore, still throws him at me ».

Was it worse with Dolce & Gabbana?
“I had their skirts shortened too. They noticed and got pissed off like werewolves. In the end, however, they dressed me for 14 years. “


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