Flood in the Marche, Paolo Brunelli’s ice cream shop in Senigallia destroyed

Flood in the Marche, Paolo Brunelli’s ice cream shop in Senigallia destroyed
Flood in the Marche, Paolo Brunelli’s ice cream shop in Senigallia destroyed
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Our thoughts go out to the victims of this disaster, that is the real tragedy. The business somehow rebuilds itself, even if it didn’t take it, but we are strong. These are the first words of Paolo Brunellione of the most popular ice cream makers and chocolatiers in Italy, struck by the flood that in the night between Thursday and Friday devastated the Marche. His local of via Carducci, center of the promenade of Senigallia, completely destroyedas can be seen from the last video posted on his Instagram.

Senigallia, chronicle of a sudden disaster

Me, my family, and my employees we are all well – says Brunelli on the phone – but the ice cream parlor, which bears his name, completely compromised. The water has reached the height of one meter and eightyhas fully covered ice cream machines and refrigerators. Only the chandeliers managed to escape. The overwhelming force of the mud even has smashed the security doorto. At this time we can’t even quantify the damage.

All this, as many of those who witnessed the disaster tell us, crashed within hours: An abnormal situation has occurred, strange. We have often seen the Misa river swell due to rain, but over several days. Thursday evening, while it was raining in the neighboring cities, in Senigallia until 22 there was only a light rain. Many people they were still in the center having dinner, it did not seem such a serious situation. Then the disaster: I was out of town, I told my daughter to close the place first. Suddenly the flood came down, the river flooded with force. To make you understand, a tree arrived in front of my ice cream shop.

We will not reopen shortly, the shop needs to be redone

A situation that still struggles to improve: on the morning of Saturday 17 afurther ordinance by the mayor of Senigallia, Massimo Olivetti. The first citizen he asked everyone to stay indoorsin the upper floors, due to theyellow alert proclaimed by the Civil Protection. We were cleaning up the place, they forced us to leave, there was a lot of windsays Brunelli.

At the moment it is difficult to count the damage, but the chef explains: The shop needs to be completely redone. At 99 percent, we won’t be reopening any time soon. And when we ask him if the authorities could have done more, he replies: Not the time for controversy yet, we will discuss it later. I am an ice cream maker, that is not my job, but I think something went wrong.


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