Flood / “For three hours clinging to a gutter, I thought I was dying”

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Maurizio Pergolini, owner of the Taverna dei Guelfi on the Corinaldese: The apocalypse came when I was outside the restaurant, I have to thank the Fire Brigade if they are still here “

Senigallia, September 18, 2022 – “I have to to thank the Fire fighters that have me saved my life: I saw it really bad And if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here to tell it“.

Maurizio Pergolini, 56 years old and of Camerata Picena, lives in Chiaravalle and it’s the appreciated owner of the Tavern of the Guelphs, restaurant renowned for its delicious meatswhich is located in the locality The Graces in Senigallia, on the Provincial Corinaldese.

He lived through a terrible night last Thursday.

It all happened in twenty minutes – still remembers with the terror in the eyes – when I had the restaurant and rooms full of customers. There people at dinner has started to worry because they came news of water bombs and flooding towards Sassoferrato and the Pesarese and then we contacted the Civil protection that has us confirmed that the flood wave would be arrived probably also in Senigallia. Customers have interrupted dinner and left while I walked around the restaurant grounds to see if there were any problems“.

In twenty minutes the apocalypse has arrived and Maurizio Pergolini tells the events that have happened again with great trepidation and anguish.

“I did move employees’ cars and gods customers who stayed to sleep with us on the side of access to the restaurant which is raised but I haven’t moved mine because I made one patrol. I have not done not even in time to go back to the restaurant that the flood has arrived suddenly and violently: 70-80 centimeters of water that did not allow me from open the door of the restaurant and so they are remained outside, clinging to a gutter while the water level he was born in mud suddenly grew up to get to over a meter and a half “.

I was really afraid of dying even if I am – even if they are successful with my old cell phone to contact family members And employees which in turn have emergency services alerted. After three hours in which I have feared the worsteven because I was going into hypothermia, I am the Fire Brigade arrived fully equipped and saved my life“.


There Tavern of the Guelphs, opened in Senigallia from 2010 after the local had been inaugurated in Dorm, has suffered very serious damage but Maurizio Pergolini you know that the most important thing is to have made it out alive.

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Basically everything is to be thrown away: ten refrigerators, the blast chiller, the freezers, the stoves of the kitchen, dishwashers, cutlery dryers, plates. Not to mention the tables, of the seats, of the furnishings. Also there my caran ‘Audi A4 All Road, that I was unable to move is hopelessly devastated and it’s in the middle of the field submerged by mud and debris“.

Maurizio Pergolini, however, does not lose hope and serenity.

I thought I was going to die and I have to thank the fire brigade if I’m still here. They made me I am very pleased with the many messages of solidarity And proximity to customers, friends and also of people that were maybe just once at the Tavern of the Guelphs is that they live in other regions. Everyone has me shown friendship And affection“.

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