On the steps of the “Vie del Sale”. The Mulattiera dell’Olio.

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The new website of the ‘Salt Roads’, hiking trails that from the Po Valley and the Piacentine Valleys reach the Ligurian coast. The project is curated by “The Green Stone “, association of social promotion founded in 2001 that operates in the field of hiking, environmental education and the promotion and enhancement of the territory that includes the provinces of Alessandria, Pavia, Piacenza and Genoa.

The ‘Vie del Sale’ are ancient paths that wind through Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Liguria in a land of passage, formerly frequented by merchants and mule drivers, and connected the Po Valley and the inland valleys with the Sea Ligurian for the supply of the precious salt used for the preservation of food. The salt trade between the Ligurian coast and the Po valley developed since Roman times through a dense network of tracks and ridge roads which through some historical passes (yokes) allowed the transport of this essential product for the survival of men and women. animals.

The site offers different routes, complete with detailed descriptions of the individual stages (lengths, differences in height, altitudes), points of interest, refreshment and water points, accommodation facilities for overnight stays and meals, GPS tracks, logistic information ( how to get there and back with the different means of transport), main places of interest along the way, historical notes on the origin of the various ‘Vie del Sale’.

Do not miss the “passport of the walker” which testifies to the journey. The identification document certifies the passage of the hiker along these streets and the stamps and dates of the places visited and the hospitality facilities where they were welcomed are shown on the credential. «This stamping – explain the leaders of the association – can also be issued by commercial activities such as bars or shops and favors access to the structures that welcome walkers. The brooch to be pinned on the backpack and the T-shirt with the distinctive logo of these paths were also created ».

The new seven stages

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In the wake of the results achieved byLe Vie del Sale, from the Po Valley to the Ligurian Sea‘ – explains Riccardo Rancan, project contact person – this year we have expanded the project linked to hiking trails by including a route that, from the Piacentine Valleys, reaches the Ligurian coast. Is called ‘The Mulattiera dell’Olio, the Way from Bobbio to Levanto ‘ and develops in seven stages crossing the Apennine territory between the Val Trebbia and the Ligurian coast of the Cinque Terre, which was once crossed by the caravans of mule drivers engaged in trade between the plain and the sea “.

The contents of the web pages of the ‘Mulattiera dell’Olio’ will also be collected and organized for the creation of a pocket publication, similar to that already available for the section of the ‘Salt Roads from the Po Valley to the Ligurian Sea’. In addition, the video documentary is visible ‘The oil mule track ‘realized by Michele Ferroni for the association “The Green Stone”, Who recounts his experience along the fascinating journey, which will allow« to identify and discover these wonderful territories ».

The video was published on Michele Ferroni’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MikefC, on the Vie del Sale website: on the “La Pietra Verde” website and social channels.

For more information: [email protected]telephone: 3396969819

(Photo: Massimo Sorlino)

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