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Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | Ukraine, shoot at the convoy of the Pope’s envoy

Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | Ukraine, shoot at the convoy of the Pope’s envoy
Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | Ukraine, shoot at the convoy of the Pope’s envoy
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from Francesco Battistini and Viviana Mazza

The news of Sunday 18 September, live. Bergoglio’s almsgiver, Konrad Krajewski, remained unharmed. Zelensky asks for more powerful weapons from the US, but Biden hesitates

• The war in Ukraine has reached its 207th day.
• During the visit to Ukraine, the convoy on which he was traveling the Pope’s almsgiver, Konrad Krajewski was shot. The cardinal and his companions are unharmed.
Mattia Sorbi, the reporter was injured in Ukraine, about to return to our country. First stop in Istanbul.
• The IAEA has announced that the nuclear power plant of Zaporizhzhyacurrently under Russian control, has been reconnected to Ukraine’s electricity grid.
• The denunciation ofarchbishop of Kiev: Mass burials in Izyum, more than 400 tortured
Zelensky asks the US to provide more powerful weapons, but President Biden resists

06:01 am – Ukrainian media: Russian soldiers rejected in Kherson Oblast

According to reports from the Kyiv Independent, the Ukrainian army destroyed a Russian barge with personnel and equipment in southern Ukraine. The Southern Ukrainian Operational Command reported that Ukrainian forces also killed 62 Russian soldiers and destroyed two UAVs and five armored vehicles. Russian soldiers attempted to advance but were pushed back by Ukrainian defenders in Kherson Oblast, command said

05:24 – Zelensky asks the US for more powerful weapons, Biden resists

At a time when Ukraine is getting results in the counter-offensive against the Russians, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is putting pressure on Joe Biden for the United States to supply Kiev with a new and more powerful weapon, namely a missile system with a range of 305.7 kilometers, capable of reaching Russia. The New York Times reports, noting that Zelensky has assured the Americans that he does not intend to hit Russian cities or civilian targets. Biden, however, is resisting the demand. We are trying to avoid World War III, the American president is repeating to his collaborators.

05:13 – Shooting at the convoy of the Pope’s almsgiver

The Pope’s envoy to Ukraine, the cardinal almsgiver Konrad Krajewski, together with two bishops, one Catholic and one Protestant, and accompanied by a soldier, today he loaded his minibus with aid and went where no one enters beyond the soldiers because the blows are getting thicker. In one of the planned stages the group was hit by gunshots and the cardinal, together with the others, had to save himself: For the first time in my life I did not know where to flee … because running is not enough, you have to to know where, he told Vatican News speaking from Zaporizhia. The cardinal is fine.

05:10 – Zelensky: The Russians will answer for atrocities, like the Nazis

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, in the evening video message on Telegram, spoke again on the atrocities of the Russian army. Torture was a widespread practice in the occupied territories. This is what the Nazis did. This is what the Russians do. And they will respond equally, both on the battlefield and in courtrooms. We will identify all those who tortured, humiliated, who brought these atrocities from Russia here to our Ukrainian land, he said, referring precisely to the atrocities committed by Moscow troops in the Kharkiv region and the mass burials in Izyum of tortured civilians, dead of hardship or under bombs.

05:01 am – The archbishop of Kiev: Mass burials in Izyum, more than 400 tortured

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An endless tragedy. And still terrible discoveries. Unfortunately, in those of our territories that have recently been liberated by the occupier, particularly in the Kharkiv region, terrible scenes of torture and abuse of the civilian population are discovered. We all know the cities of Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpin, Hostomel near Kyiv. But what appears to the eye in Izyum and in other cities of the Kharkiv region, it can be dozens of times worse. Near the city of Izyum they found a huge cemetery, mass burial in which more than 400 innocently tortured and killed people have already been identified. The archbishop of Kiev denounced this in the daily video message.

Yesterday – Shevchuk says – we were all shocked by the video of Balaklia where in the torture chamber on a dark green wall the prayer Our Father was found – scratched by a prisoner. One can only imagine what the prayer of the prisoners was like in the Russian torture centers located in the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv.

04.53 – The Zaporizhzhya plant reconnected to the Ukrainian network

The nuclear power plant di Zaporizhzhya, currently under Russian control, has been reconnected to Ukraine’s electricity grid. This was announced by the IAEA, the international atomic energy agency whose delegates had visited the plant in recent days.

04.41 – The reporter Mattia Sorbi returns to Italy: he was injured in Ukraine

Mattia Sorbi traveling to Italy. The Milanese freelance journalist injured in Ukraine aboard an ambulance set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Istanbul, from where he will then continue to Milan. The reporter was injured in early September shortly after arriving by taxi in the front area near Kherson (full article here)

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