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Pressano comeback from -7 and wins in Carpi

Pressano comeback from -7 and wins in Carpi
Pressano comeback from -7 and wins in Carpi
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Carpi. Victory of authority for the Pressano Cassa di Trento handball in the 3rd first leg in Serie A Gold. The Gialloneri have won on the field of Handball Carpi with a score of 22-29, a result that is far too large as seen in the field.

The team coached by Mr. Fusina in fact had to reassemble a passive accrued during the match even by 7 goals, then spreading in the final and deserving the success. Match literally come on two faces that put on the pitch on the Emilia pitch: first half insufficient, second half widely positive to sign two more points in the standings that bring the Trentino team to 4 after 3 days.

The match

Departure sharply negative for the Gialloneri who do not approach the game well and suffer: Coppola and Kasa bucano Loizos, Carpi flies and is 5-1 at the beginning to shake the legs of the Trentino team. Ready comes the reaction with Nicola Rossi on the shields in attack (9 goals and top scorer) who drags his team up to 7-6, but Carpi responds right at the worst moment and returns to lengthen, closing the first half ahead 15-10.

Little seems to work in the Giallonera home and even at the start of the second half things do not improve: 17-11 Carpi for the maximum advantage that risks cutting off the legs of the Trentino guests. At the worst moment, however, Pressano pulls out the character: the defense closes, D’Antino and Ceccardi make sparks in attack and the game is overturned. Partial of 0-5 for 17-16, then Pressano puts the arrow and overtakes on 20-21 for the first time.

It is not over, because to the sound of saves and balls recovered Pressano exploits a Carpi in a doll stretching even 20-23. Four attacks are needed for the gialloneri to get to the long-awaited +4, but when Pressano arrives, the contest is closed: everything works and in the last 10 ‘the gialloneri are rampantwinning 22-29 not without suffering.

Fundamental victory for the classification and for the moral: now Saturday at Palavis (18.30) Syracuse arrives for another decisive match in terms of ranking.

Serie A Gold – 3rd matchday

Carpi – Pressano 22-29 (pt 15-10)
Carpi: Jurina, Cascone 2, Serafini 1, Soria 1, Carabulea 2, Kasa 2, Coppola 5, Haj Frej Se., Haj Frej Sa., Dalolio 1, Korkaric, Gollini, Sortino 3, Ceccarini 5. All. Serafini
Pressano: Facchinelli, Dallago 3, Moser M., Rossi N. 9, D’Antino 6, Rossi F., Luchin, Sontacchi G. 1, Folgheraiter, Moser N. 1, Andreasson 1, Loizos, Ceccardi 6, Gazzini 2. Herds Fusina
Referees: Riello-Panetta

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The other results of the day

Syracuse – Fasano 26-33
Funds – Merano 33-33
Conversano – Bolzano 33-30
Campus Italia – Cassano (today, Sunday 18/9)
Romagna – Brixen rev. At 6/10
Rubiera – Sassari rev. At 18/10

The updated ranking

Conversano 6, Bolzano, Fasano, They press and Siracusa 4, Merano 3, Cassano M. *, Bressanone ** and Sassari ** 2, Fondi * 1, Rubiera **, Campus Italia *, Romagna * and Carpi 0.

* One ** two games less

The article is in Italian

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